Rhyme and Reason

Written by Destiny Bergeron

The one rhyme 

I could never find

The only words to escape the confines 

Of my lil blue lines

Is the one that gives

 reason to my rhymes 

I can recite poems I wrote 

Before I knew who I was 

or how to love

Before my heart ever broke

Before I was broken 

My words have seen 

every piece of me 

Even the ones I don’t want to see 

Spoke the words I couldn’t speak 

And made me see the things

 I didn’t want to see

But I’ll never know why they chose me

Why they stayed with me

 even when I’m running from me

They find me no matter how dark it gets

I’ve tried and some of my favorite poems 

Are dedicated to my love

 for these words

But it’s never right 

There’s always

Another rhyme another line

Another reason to write

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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