Trying to write life right……..

Impressions — July 12, 2019


Written By Destiny Bergeron

As the sun rises

i say goodnight

My restless mind
Stirs my pen
Bewitched by the night
The sun taunting me
As it peeks through
The treeline
My eyes watery and puffy
But my mind just keeps
I look at the words
That wouldn’t be legdibale
If I wasn’t the author
Letters blur together
like those paintings
that look a mess up close
When you step back
its beauty shows
Scribbles of myself
A (Monet Impression of words)
Worded Warrior — June 10, 2019

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Cautious with my thoughts often
Every changing like the rules of engagement

holding my sorrows
Shedding my tomorrows
Like a beast in the summer

I am a war torn soldier
Stationed on the front lines
of good and evil

With my pen as my sword
I pick them apart word by word
Verbs use to destroy
whoever comes forth

Metaphors like arrows
fly high over your head
than rip through your flesh
till you have nothing left

I am savage by habit
Constant forward motion
Like im in locomotion
So approach like your life
Is sacred

you are only an enemy
If you choose to be
my heart is their territory


Sunset — June 8, 2019


Forsaken maybes~

Distorted what ifs~

Had me believing~

If I ran fast enough~

I could catch the sun~

I ran till my legs were numb~

Till I was choking on the

Dust of my regrets~

Grabbing at the pavement~

Searching for my breath~

Only to watch the sun set

My heart breaking more~

the darker it gets~

I look back to see how far~

These maybes strayed me~

All I see is lil pieces of me~

like breadcrumbs leading me home~

How could I be so dumb to think~

I could make the sun my own~

If only I could keep up~

I’d probably still be~

chasing the sun~

Ghetto Testimonial  — May 3, 2019

Ghetto Testimonial 

I’m am a collaboration

Of the ghetto

and my daddys rock &roll

Never lost cuz my

Mom taught me right from wrong

I’m a warrior of life

Trying to win one for the good side

Always sticking up for the lil guy

Holding my head up high

down some pretty dark streets

Don’t be fooled by what you see

I am a beast a rare breed

It’s not healthy to judge me

Or try to predict lil too swift

You’ll get caught up in the current

And I’ll tare you to bits

Ninja-ish, my flow is automatic

Sick is my addiction to this pen

symphony on paper

Im a meistro of words

Master of sarrow

scholar of life

still learning how to survive

Chasing the high of a perfect line

Get by one rhyme at a time

Lil Blue lines — April 16, 2019

Lil Blue lines

Written By Destiny Bergeron
can’t say it’s something
I had to practice or master

The ability to control words

twist and contort

them to my flow
has always been my special power

Some would call it a gift
Although I don’t recall receiving it
I say it’s my hideaway

I’ve been inside these lil blue lines

So many times

it’s like
The only place I feel alive

The rhythm of my mind

heart and soul

Bumps so hard I can only hear

the beat of my pen

My hands cramp as my letters start to cram together,

I’m gonna have fun trying to decipher

This labyrinth of words.

Scribbles of my soul
Lead to places I’ve never been before

Then right back to the beginning

I’m lost in my lil blue lines again
Guided only by

The glide of my pen
Searching for a reason to my rhymes

Wondering why
these words bounce around
In the back of my mind

Clouding up till they build up enough to let go

Sometimes they just trickle
Other times

they storm down with, such force

I’m helpless to the flow

Is it a blessing?

or am I cursed?
Am I a victim?

or a maestro?

Do I control this like an artist
or does it control me like an addict

If you were able to take

every rhyme I ever wrote
and lay down like a road

I wonder where it would go.

Wherever it leads

I will follow

what I find
in these lil blue lines forever


Springing — April 1, 2019


Written By Destiny Bergeron

The streets spring to life

Children laughing outside

Windows open

Wind blowing

Smelling like

Mom’s cooking

Familiar and warming

Music in all directions

Everyone has to say

how nice it is

to feel the sun again

Friendly and lively

cabin fever melts

With every smile you see

Snow piles turn to puddles

And fill the clouds

Melting the ground

Exposing the Earth’s tone

From under the blanket of winter

Mother Nature wakes

From her slumber

And will soon take over filling

Every empty space

with life in some way

Heart Speaks —

Heart Speaks

when I love someone

I give my life to them

I let them hold my heart

in their hands

I grant them total access

To all the forbidden parts of me

My fears my hopes and my dreams

I never let go

till they’re already gone  forever

and my heart is scared to be

back with me

Keeps reaching for them

I try to consoul it

tell it’s ok to be alone

Then it says I know this

Wtf  were you thinking

thought we were friends

You just gave me away

Like I was nothing

I know I’m not perfect

But I’m the only

heart you’ll ever get

You should be more careful with me

I know you’ve always been a good friend, never letting forget what makes me, me

Speaking up for good in me

I was fallowing your lead

it wasn’t all me

You wanted to go

when I let you go

you jump so fast

all I saw was a blur

The next time we both know

To bring a rope

So when we jump

I can always pull you home


That’s Life —

That’s Life

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Life, what is life

well, I guess that depends

On who you are

What matters to you

What drives you

and what scares you

Friends, family, and lovers

Secrets, betrayal, and heartache

All seem to come hand and hand

Pain is a thing that lessons over time

And as the pages of life fly by

We learn wrong from right

And how to say goodbye

But sometimes

we can’t tell wrong from right

And our hearts

hang on long after goodbye

But that’s life

Life’s the one that got away

The words you never got to say

And the choices you make

We look back now and wonder how

Our lives turned out

So different

than what we dreamed about

When we’re suppose to be smart

We take the leap and fall hard

When we’re suppose to listen to our hearts

we get scared and fall apart

And that’s why we are where we are

Our hearts wear a lifetime of scars

Most of them self-inflicted

Most we’re still regretting

And we hate life for changing

what we want to stay the same

And keeping the same

what we want to change

But you wanna know something else about life ?

Only life flying by can ease heartache

Only lifes lil qua-winky-dinks

Can give the chance to say what you never got to say

And ONLY IN LIFE can we love

in the ways

that keep us going everyday

Insight, I wrote this on my 16th birthday

I’m no turning 36 and it’s still rings true

Rigged — March 27, 2019


Written by Destiny Bergeron

The honest truth is

the more you love someone

The more they can hurt you
Disappointment is greater
When it comes from
Someone you trust
It’s the ugly side of love
no one speaks of
It’s ability to just
Morph into something dangerous
Something so far from love
It becomes who can hurt who more,
Who’s right, who’s life is more messed up because
they chose to love the other
Well this Lil poet won’t lie
Nope I’m gonna write it right
Love is not
all rainbows and butterflies
99% of the time
You’re not gonna survive the fall
But it’s that one chance at forever
We’re all searching for
Evil Truth — March 19, 2019

Evil Truth

WRITTEN BY Destiny Bergeron 

Foreseen by ancients~

The mighty will fall~

Right before they conquer all~

History repeats~

so are we doomed to the same destiny?~

Nothing is forever~

But memories you remember~

When it’s time to pay the piper~

Will you have enough soul~

Or will you be rejected~

Cuz you chose money over all other~

Hold judgments over knowledge~

Distort faith into hate~

I know on that day my soul has to answer for its ways~

I won’t be sent away~

It’s not what you worship~

Or how you do it~

It’s  about being a good person~

That’s this poets perspective

If you choose to hate

in the name of faith

You will lose your way

I doubt saying prayers and

Being devoted

can save from judgement~

I’m not trying to call out~

Any religion or practice~

All faiths are beautiful~

But no faith can save you

From you from being evil~

INSIGHT ….this is just my own opinion on people  using faith to hate… I’ve seen very faithful people be very evil people.