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No Time for Spell-check

can't write right now life is weighing me down stretching me out pulling me around till im inside out and twisted all about  i lost my way somehow  got turned around now i dont know whats up or down can't trust my own since of direction  till i know which way north is life just… Continue reading No Time for Spell-check

life, Poetry, Rhymes, scribbles of myself, Writing

Deep In The Flow

Words flow like Nile  Through the heart of me Fearing only  the parts of me  that are too deep  to see It's where my flow slows  And the words get  twisted and tangled up with  what grows from the darkness  Even I dont know  which way the untow will pull  What flow lurks  in these… Continue reading Deep In The Flow

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She climbed the walls of my heart  Called out the one in charge And Demanded the love you deserve  All my walls no matter how high or strong   couldn't stop her  I have been conquered  Now shes my queen And my life belongs to her She guards my heart  like it's worth  All the… Continue reading Conquered