Page strength

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I write to find the light
When the dark seems to be
winning the fight
I hold these words of mine
As close as the heart that beats
inside my chest
the voices in my head
Screaming against the wind
They stir up my words
the flow starts to quicken
When I grab my pen
thunder crashes
The blank page
is like the eye of storm
I run my hand across it
almost apologetically
I know this is going to be
a lot to take
When my pen touches the blue line
lightning strikes and my words begin
Pouring onto to page with such force
I try to catch them before
They get swept away
and lost to the flow forever
I look down at the damage
Words scattered everywhere
Piled up against the lines of the paper
the residuals of my heart
the heavy thoughts
that weigh me down
Get ripped out
In the fallout
No matter how heavy
my words pour
the page never breaks
Even when it’s soaked in
my never-agains
Some how a single peice of paper
Is capable of holding more
Than I can

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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