Exposure — December 6, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Grinding graphite

crushing under

The pressure

Leaving my impression

For all time

Fossilized on these lines
Are the moments
I stole from life
I hide them away
in this notebook
The one’s I wanna remember
And some I can’t forget
The forevers and never agains
Archived in rhyme
The ages
Piled on top of the pages
Turning them to stone
On the surface you know
The real beauty is
Hidden deep in the grain
Like the veins running
Through a mountain
You have to follow their path
Carved by my pen
The high and lows
To know the depths
of these words
Tweedledum — November 11, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron

She would think I was crazy

She’d say you see
I was right
you’re out your mind
And i’d reply
The same way
I do everytime
If crazy is
thinking you’re amazing
Than I guess I am
If holding on to what we had
Makes me mad
Than i’ll wear that hat
You can go pretending
I don’t exist
But don’t surprised when
We see each other again
And I say the same thing
I rather live in the reality
That you still love me
I’ll play Allice
As long as you’re my wonderland
I’ll chase that disappearing smile
Until the queen of hearts calls for my exile
Climate — November 10, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s a part of me

As critical as an artery
The need is involuntary
What it pumps out
Gives me this relief
Makes all the things
Building up in my life
pushing me back
Or holding me down
My pen gatherers and stores
Then like rain it falls down
Onto this page
What once
Was chaos
Is now a poem
And the pressure is just gone
Time — November 1, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s always ticking

Never slows or quickens

You think if you start running

You may be able to get ahead of it

But it’s relentlessly constant

Closing in on your existence

It never sleeps will catch up

to you as you dream

Snatching you back to reality

like tic toc b@*#h it’s me

You could run your whole life

But everyone runs outta time

Pinky & The Brain — October 27, 2018

Pinky & The Brain

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Never been the one to stand still

Even if I’m not going anywhere
I run in circles till I fall face first
When I’m able to move forward
I over think every step
I forget all things I said
When I was sick
of the same old thing
Wishing for change
to come save me
I miss knowing what’s
around every turn
and the familiar failures
When I realized that’s we exist
why we can always reignite something out of nothing
over and over again
Like mice spinning our wheels
We can’t tell its not real
Queens Verdict  — October 25, 2018

Queens Verdict 

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Please don’t say sorry
Apologies are like
someone breaking your heart
then trying to help you
pick up the pieces
I don’t care about your reasons
Just start leaving
we aren’t even me and you anymore
Loving me is such a rarity
You should go down in history for getting the best of me
But with all honesty
I’m ashamed that I placed
so much of my own life in your hands
I’m not someone you take for granted
So don’t try to defend your actions
I’m being cordial trying to
Save some dignity
To this mess you created
Yes you did, not sorry, not stupidity
I am a queen, remember
you’re the one that showed me
I am royalty
I do not lay with
the ignorant or sorry,
Therefore you are no longer
worthy of loving me
So just leave

Mirror — October 20, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron
I grip the pen

Knowing I might not
Be able to handle
The words
Storming in
I brace for the worse
The flow thickens
The darker it gets
It’s like my pen sticks
To the page,
It hurts the words
That I didn’t have the strength
to say
Paper soaked in

my never agains

It’s amazing sometimes
These words of mine
What I find
When the page is
staring back at me
It’s not always

what I want to see

But it’s me
Blindsided —


Written by Destiny Bergeron

To left

to right

Get in line
Don’t try to speak
Of a different side
You’ll be criticized
And scrutinized
It’s a waste of time
You may be right
You could be
Screaming the truth
From the middle
But everyone else
Is too far away
to hear you
We can’t function
Like this
If we’re divided
Well never be able
to move forward
We have to remember
The great evils we’ve overcame
The Authors of Freedom
America needs us
To step up
I know we all are different
Everyone is
Our troops have been forgotten
The longest war in our history
Silenced by facebook
And Twitter
And mainstream media
refusal to report on it
We might not be able to agree
On gun control
Or immigration
Our Soldiers, our
Friends, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers,
Are dying in an endless war
let us come together to bring
Our loved ones home
And End the never-ending War
Evolution — October 16, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Thought I was stuck

I’ve had enough
Got pushed to the edge
There was nothing left
But to lose it
And… that I did
Jumped right off
Like this is it
Fell forever
Till I realized
I was flying
Not Falling
Didn’t know all the pain
Was training me
To keep going
So when the ground
Started crumbling
I tried to outrun it
Ran till the earth ended
Thought I was out of options
So I just did what
I always do and kept going
Karma is always watching
And I must of done something
That granted me these wings
Looking down on things that
Use to be me
knowing what it is

to be free

Kryptonite — October 11, 2018


My words can get pretty graphic,

When she’s the topic,

I am transfixed

In her lips,

Lost in her grip,

All sinces are redirected

towards her direction,

She knows I’m helpless

and plays with my ambitions,

I wanna know her every secret,

Search her like an unknown world,

Learn  the language of her soul,

Explore the parts of her

that make her beautiful,

Try to make her feel a fraction

of the reaction her love causes,

She is the variable that completes

my equation,

I could go on for pages

but it would all have the same reasoning,

She’s completely amazing.