Boyle’s Law — July 17, 2018

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising

According to the law of physics

The hotter it gets
the more pressure is created
Are we strong enough not to
Explode or emplode
Like so many failed attempts before
Do we have the variables needed
And the patience to figure out the equation
Love isn’t a science
I’m starting to think different
We try so hard but we can’t
Change who we are
We just gotta keep making since
Inorder to make it
Excalibur — July 14, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
I call my pen
Excalibur for a reason
My houghts are manafested
They aren’t fabricated
Or pursaded by any other than
My own mind, heart, and soul
I can’t stop it even if I tried
I just freestyle
and talk in rhyme
Find myself all twisted
up in the inside
If these words don’t
flow from this pen
 my conscience would
Be without a compass
My heart without it’s defenses
And my thoughts without reason
Chosen —


Written by Destiny Bergeron

We are powerful beings

The energy inside one person
Is said to be
equivalent to a small nuclear explosion
Only difference is
we let it go gradually
Instead of all at once
I believe this is a beautiful thing
We choose to explode at random
in various fashions of love
That leads us to the person we become
Look to yourself for strength
You were built with the stars
And you are powerful
Strong enough to
destroy your own world
Or hold it all together
The the choice is yours
Answer — July 13, 2018


We feed each other’s energy~
Like wild beast~
My nights are set on fire~
Since you touched me~
Now your heat is all I seek~
As if my sight was taken from me~
No since, I’ve been tamed~
My will taking away~
Turned into whatever it takes~
 To makes you stay~
Who knows when~
I’ll snap out of it~
Right now~
I’m loving every second~
Don’t wanna question~
How we’re so connected,
Is it authentic,
 Or wishful thinking,
Will we be a lesson learned,
Or the chance to get burned?
Honestly, I don’t wanna Know~
Nope it’s impossible~
to know for sure~
So I don’t know~
if we’ll last forever~
I’ll just keep hoping~
you’re the answer~
Elementary — July 11, 2018


Created in our hearts~
written in the stars~
The words of ours
 fill the world~
A poem, a story
 has it’s own energy~
When it’s set free~
There’s no telling
The hearts it may reach~
Legends of old to the unknown~
Creativity that fills our spirit~
Gives our words purpose~


Possibilities beyond our wildest dreams~
But always at the tip
of our pen it seems~
Soapbox 4 — July 8, 2018

Soapbox 4

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Through this pen

I try to comprehend
The lessons life has chosen
Have I’ve been conscience
of my decisions
Or led a stray by alterier motives
Dispite My my good heart and honest
Did I fail at being a good person
I find hope in those that still
Hold love above all other
But those souls
Are becoming further
And further away
Monetary selfishness
Is so abundant
It’s almost impossible
not to get caught up in it
Trust they want us
To use the powers
of technology to make ourselves more commercial
Instead of unifying the world
They want us to post selfies
Instead of questioning

our Governments action

The taxes they receive
For us being
good lil
distracted Americans
Look the other way
So we can bomb 11 different nation’s
Using fear of terrorism
To take away our freedom
Our goal is to stay at war

It’s Our

country’s biggest money maker
besides us of course
System — July 7, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
The broken bits lead me home


the creases in my bedsheets


days blend together
Nothing but a blur
Feel like I’m miles away
I find shelter in being alone
Noise of the world seems absurd

I try drowning it

And my face in my phone
Non conscience acts of human interaction
I’m on autopilot
My will isn’t broken
Just a lil hard to find
at the moment
I learned it’s my own self-defense
Switched on when
I don’t trust my own actions
I wrote these words before
I gotta know which way up is
Before I know which way to go
Only difference is
Now I know
I gotta find the way on my own
Refuser — July 5, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Call me a traitor
Tell me I’m ungrateful
Throw me behind bars
I’ll take whatever punishment
That comes with keeping my soul
Blindfold my eyes parade me down
The street for all to see
I choose good above evil
I am a refuser
I refuse to sacrifice what’s right
I refuse to occupy
Insight…. A Refuser is an Israeli
Citizen, that refuses to serve
In the Occupation of Palistine.
Serving as a Citizen is mandatory and refusing
Comes with strict punishment
To these brave hearts
Who choose to Refuse
I wrote this poem
Know your soul will not
live in fear
Like theirs
I hope your strength
inspires more to Refuse
And save their souls too
Fallen Pieces — July 2, 2018

Fallen Pieces

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I gotta give my pen props

Hasn’t jotted your name
In a couple of days
It holds a lot in
And when
It remembers you
It doesn’t forget
Your not here for a reason
I think of you as
A lesson learned
A battle won, cuz,
You had no reason to love me
And somehow you did better
Than the ones that chose me
We were thrown together
As the world crumbled

We held

on to each other
Cuz it was the only life
We could see
Fallen pieces
Like a jigsaw puzzle
You caught mine and
I caught yours
We put each other back together
Once we were whole
We were strong enough
To let us go
Weight — June 30, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
I gotta chance to get ahead

Worked my ass off
Now I’m gonna be better off
If I can just stay focused
Put my head down
in this notebook
Cuz way back when
When I knew nothing
This is where I
always found something
My heart is jumping
My hand shakes with
The weight of words comming through it
I know here in my notebook
I can find away
this page has what it takes
To carry the weight