Pagans — September 21, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
The war star in the distance

Burning brighter than it’s ever been
Will we worship it like pagans
Or change our ways
Our compassion saved us once
Is there enough left in us to right the wrongs we committed
For us to fight the hatred
With the compassion
That makes us human
It’s the only way to make a difference
We are oblivious
to the suffering of Yemen
To the hundreds of thousands
Of bombings
To fact that one child dies every ten minutes
And when those who survived
Find a piece of the bomb
They see made in America
When a school bus is collateral damage
200 hospitals acceptable targets
We need to stop
our Government Involvement
in the destruction Yemen
Wounded Words — September 12, 2018

Wounded Words

Written By Destiny Bergeron
It’s hard for me to

Admit defeat
I am a warrior
I do not retreat
But when you’re brought
To your knees
It’s impossible
To fight the war

So I

put down my sword
And pick up the thing
That I started fighting for
My word,
beating from my heart, my soul
If I still have those
then I am still whole
My wounds will heal
And my Will

Will still be here

Fall Apart  —

Fall Apart 

Written by Destiny Bergeron

lost in a lovers leap

fell hard but it was sweet.

now I stand broken

at your feet.

wondering if

you’ve seen me?

or did I fail you

like I did me?

this isn’t who I want to be

we tried and failed miserably.

so I’m gonna gather up

what’s left of me.

and leave you with nothing

but what we use to be.

I hang my head in defeat.

broken and sore from

trying to pull us back together.

there’s parts of me

that will always be yours.

and pieces of you I’ll never let go.

Although we fell for each other-

we fell apart not together

INSIGHT ….Sometimes you don’t survive the fall

Rhyme Light — September 5, 2018

Rhyme Light

Written by Destiny Bergeron
Ahhh I feel like blahhhh

Wtf is going on
I don’t fall
I’m grounded
From my foundation up
Built with hard work and love
I’m not invincible
I’ve been hurt before
I’ve stumbled, fumbled,
A few chances I should of
never let go
But not my spirit
No matter how dark it gets
I find strength in the pain
Light up the dark with my pen
My life is in pieces
But it knows where the
Pieces go so I’ll
Follow its light till
I’m whole
Light Of Ours — August 30, 2018

Light Of Ours

Truth is to life~
as light is to life~

We would be lost without it~
Clinging to the darkness~

Puppets without purpose~
Holding on to false prophets~
We have forgotten this~
Forsaken our independence~

Hold these truths

to be self -evident~

We are not puppets~
We are not terrorist~
We are not without purpose~

our knowledge will not be taking
Sold to evil intentions~

The truth has come life~

Through technology,

we can unite~

A light has shined mankind~

No matter your race, place, or beliefs~

We, all of humanity
has the right to be free~

I guess that’s the key.                          the light no one sees~

We are all the same being~

Living on the the same Earth~
With the same future~                       we will face together~

Rhymebryrinth — August 28, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

I can’t say its something
I had to practice or master

The ability to control words

twist and contort

them to my flow
has always been my special power

Some would call it a gift
Although I don’t recall receiving it
I say it’s my hideaway

I’ve been inside these lil blue lines So many times it’s like
The only place I feel alive

The rhythm of my mind

heart and soul. Bumps so hard I can only hear

the beat of my pen

My hands cramp as my letters start to cram together,

I’m gonna have fun trying to decipher

This labyrinth of words.

Scribbles of my soul
Lead to places I’ve never been before

Then right back to the beginning

I’m lost in my lil blue lines again
Guided only by

The glide of my pen
Searching for a reason to my rhymes

Wondering why
these words bounce around
In the back of my mind

Clouding up till they build up enough to let go

Sometimes they just trickle
Other times they storm down with, such force

I’m helpless to the flow

Is it a blessing?

or am I cursed?
Am I a victim?

or a maestro?

Do I control this like an artist
or does it control me like an addiction

If you were able to take

every rhyme I ever wrote
and lay down like a road

I wonder where it would go.

Where ever it leads

I will follow

The these lil blue lines forever

Charged — August 25, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Imagine everything
every action
Was just energy
Every impulse
was an opportunity
To be positive or negative
If we all set of the same charge
our world wouldn’t be so magnetic
I believe this speaks to our indifference
It can unite us or pull us apart
Depending how we are set off
Our elements
maybe of different origins
as long as we’re human
We’re are all made of the same thing
Rhymelight 2 — August 24, 2018

Rhymelight 2

Written By Destiny Bergeron
I pride myself with the words I write~

In real life, I’m not so sublime~
Honestly the real world
would eat me alive~
If I was all rainbows and butterflies~
In life, nothing is in rhyme~~
The words don’t perfectly align~
The lines become harder


o find

they hide behind~

Insecurities and fear it coming out right~
Life doesn’t have time to master
Every line~

that’s why I write~~

To bring a Lil rhythm
to life’s rhyme~
Onesided — August 20, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron
Finger pointing in every direction

No one is allowed a different perspective
All this division
Is becoming consuming
Were passionate beings
But that’s not what makes us human
Our compassion is,
This We sometimes forget
When our passion is questioned
It ignites our pride
We lose sight of what’s right
Choose to fight with the same
judgment and prejudice
We are persecuted with
Right now I see too much
Those that believe their voice
Means more than others,
Their way is the only way to go,
Just know, the Righteous
Have been always been
On the wrong side of history
Almost every time
The voice being silenced
Is the one that should be heard
INSIGHT….This poem is dedicated
To the media
That are basically political puppets
Paid by the establishment
That will say what their boss tells them to
know, that a news program
With the anchor’s names attached
Sean Hannity, Jessy Waters, Rachel Madow Anderson Cooper, Don Lemmon, are Opinion shows
they are bigots
that broadcast their opinion
I don’t care if I don’t spell their names right
they should report news not their righteous fight
How about reporting on our involvement in the Yemen school bus strike and how we’ve been selling them bombs refueling their planes and training their fighters the whole time, Yemen has been under attack, about our soldiers that never make it home the legendary
The journalist that paved the way
For you to be so rich
The platform you have to speak on
Was built on the trust of the American people
and that trust is crumbling
To quote my favorite whistleblower
“That’s’ We The People capital W Capital P” (Tomas A. Drake)
READ WITH CAUTION — August 19, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron 

She picks up my notebook~

And opens to an unknown page in my heart~

looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~

which one is about me?

I just laugh, shake my head  and say~

which one isn’t~

her eyes get really big~

as she fans through 350 pages~

she says you’re  kidding~

I close the notebook and warn her~

you might not like it~

I don’t say much~

I try to show my love~

by the actions I make~

Just saying it is cliche~

I must make my feelings for you tangible in some way~

whether it’s a kiss, my sincerity or in a bunch of nicely arranged sentences~

the energy created when we are connected~

is the blood of poetry~

Combined with our star-crossed faith~

how we drift apart and together again~

against life’s wind~

no poet could resist~

writing about it~

So go ahead keep reading~

And you’ll see~

how you feed~

the Shakespeare in me~

Make me strive to be a better me~

You break my heart when you leave~

You’ll see my insecurities~

the fear of you realizing you’re so much better than me~

That you might find someone who more evenly matches your astonishing beauty~

You’ll see, How I hide these fears, In fear that you’ll think less of me~

The words I never say~

In respect of our love~

I put my fears on a page~

instead of questioning our trust right to your face~

It’s not your fault they are my insecurities~

They stay in my notebook where no one else can see~