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Deep In The Flow

Words flow like Nile  Through the heart of me Fearing only  the parts of me  that are too deep  to see It's where my flow slows  And the words get  twisted and tangled up with  what grows from the darkness  Even I dont know  which way the untow will pull  What flow lurks  in these… Continue reading Deep In The Flow

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Nightmares of a Poet 

I'm sunbathing on the beach  The world crumbles under my feet I start to see the will of humanity    get washed out by the sea Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry   On my beach, the horizon is all I see Or is it a tsunami  cuz, it seems to be  taking over… Continue reading Nightmares of a Poet 

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Fear of Heights

I dont wanna hear bout tomorrow,  Don't want your promises and forevers, Keep your dreams,  and some day maybes,   Save me all the ways  you can save me,  All the possibilities of you and me,  are much more intriguing,  as a mystery, I don't need  your words to prove anything Just treat me like a… Continue reading Fear of Heights

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Old Friend Flow 

I started writing again Feels like I reunited with an old friend  So whats up flow  How you been Me it’s been  A constant fight trying  Feels like I’m flying  Against the wind  You’ve been incognito  For awhile tho  What’s brought you to the surface?  whatever it is, Its refreshing Bar hopping through these lines […]