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Fall Apart  — February 19, 2018

Fall Apart 

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

lost in a lovers leap

fell hard but it was sweet

now I stand broken

at your feet

wondering if

you’ve seen me

or did I fail you

like I did me

this isn’t who I want to be

we tried and failed miserably

so I’m gonna gather  up

whats left of me

and leave you with nothing

but what we use to be

I hang my head in defeat

broken and sore from

trying to pull us back together

there’s  parts of me

that will always be yours

and pieces of you I’ll never let go

we fell for eachother

we fell apart not together


INSIGHT ….Sometimes you don’t survive the fall


Moving pain — February 17, 2018

Moving pain

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

There’s a rhythm to the pain

Comes and goes like waves

But than it can hit me like a wave

Someone will say your name

And I find the loss of you

shooting through me again

Somedays you just linger in the back of my eyes like a migraine

On these days even the light reminds me of your face

And I can’t act like everythings ok

I surender to the pain

We were so close, but now

You’re gone forever

The love I have for you

still pours from my heart

And without you here

I’m drowning it

The only thing that keeps me going

Is knowing you would never want to see me like this

So I think of what you’d say right now

Somehow it makes me smile

It’s enough for me to stat moving again

And it makes me believe

our live is still living


When I can’t take your gone forever…. I  remember nothing can take away the love we had for eachother…..

A Poets Wish — February 15, 2018

A Poets Wish

Written by Destiny Bergeron

What I want most

Is for people to have thier own voice

I cant help but to wonder

if We’re automated

Emotion replaced by emoji

We don’t say what we think

we say what think is right

its not wrong to be different

The most amazing things

are thought to be so outstanding

Because we don’t understand their origance

So maybe your original thinking

Is the foundation

to the unknown Wonders of the future

But you’ll never know if

If you cant think for yourself

If you sound like everyone else

Find what makes you different

And turn it into what makes you amazing

That might be the most cliche

Line I ever wrote

But its what I wish for most


We can’t acomplish anything if everyone has the same ideas

Writers Prelude —

Writers Prelude

These words are my own

Their origins are my mind heart and soul

Inspired by life

my mind fills with lines,

tries to find

the words that unite mankind

my heart beats

the rythem of my love

it decides who I trust

and how much they are aloud to see

My soul holds the lines of my flow

Speaks of my love for these words

If you wanna read futher just know

You are reading pieces of me

You are seeing the things

that make me, me

My mind, heart, and soul

Are the Authors

I’m just the one that puts it down on paper


Evil Truth — February 14, 2018

Evil Truth

WRITTEN BY Destiny Bergeron 

Forseen by ancients

The mighty will fall

Right before they conquer all

History repeats

so we’re doomed

To the same destiny

Nothing is forever

But memories you remember

When it’s time to pay the piper

Will you have enough soul

Or will you be rejected

Cuz you chose money over all other

Hold judgments over knowledge

Distort faith into hate

I know on that day my soul has to answer for its ways

I wont be sent away

Its not what you worship

Or how you do it

Its about being a good person

Thats this poets prospective

Just with all the injustice

And all the violence one can commit

I doubt saying prayers and going to church can same them

I’m not trying to call out

Any religion or practice

All faiths are beautiful

But no faith can save you

From you from being evil

INSIGHT ….this is just my own opion on people  using faith to hate… I’ve seen very faithful people be very evil people.



Lost Lines —

Lost Lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

To the lines of the past that believed in fairytales and dreams

I never woulda wrote you knowing

One day you’d be lost forever

I remember a title or a a couple of key words

but like the names of certain faces and the connections

that once meant everything

What I once wrote are fuzzy memories now

The poems that shaped my life when I was a girl

They looked at the world with hope

Now I see it for what it’s  worth

I learn it’s  hard enough to just

Keep your head above water

As I grew my poems stopped

Hoping and began knowing

Hope means nothing

You have to work for everything

So to my words of the past that wished for the happy ever after

It’s time to get your shit together


I wrote most in my teens ……Now Im over thirty…life has taught me dreams don’t come true

Unless you live em


Sunset — February 13, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron 


 Forsaken maybes

Distorted what ifs

Had me believing

If I ran fast enough

I could catch the sun

I ran till my legs were numb

Till I was choking on the

Dust of my regrets

Grabbing at the pavement

Searching for my breath

Only to watch the sun set

My heart breaking more

the darker it gets

I look back to see how far

These maybes strayed me

All I see is lil pieces of me

like breadcrumbs leading me home

How could i be so dumb to think

I could make the sun my own

If  only i could  keep up

I’d  probably be still chasing the sun

Lifes a journey not a race you miss too much if you chase one destiny


Lost Nights — February 10, 2018

Lost Nights

The look in her eyes

Says its gonna be a long night

I’m where she turns

when she doesn’t  wanna remember

As long as I hold her

She’s just mine

And im just hers

Nothing else matters

Without any words

We comfort eachers souls

She knows I’d never let go

till she tells me so

In the morning I loosen my grip

She tries to explain how

she got lost and ened up

on my door step again

I don’t let her finish and

just kiss her beautiful lips

I know what this is

Dont think your hurting anyone

We’re friends that get lost sometimes

I think its beautiful

we find eachother time after time

We know its not right

But life is not always black and white

So don’t apologiz for

giving me your night

I dont mind being where you go when you’re lost

I’ll be here to light up your night

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Worded Warrior —

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron 


Cautious with my thoughts often
Every changing like the rules of engagement
holding my sorrows
Shedding my tomorrows
Like a beast in the summer
I am a war torn soldier
Stationed on the front lines
of good and evil
With my pen as my sword
I pick them apart word by word
Verbs use to destroy
whoever comes forth
Metaphors like arrows
fly high over your head
than rip through your flesh
till you have nothing left
Im a savage by habit
Constant forward motion
Like im in locomotion
So approach like your life
Is sacred
you are only an enemy
If you choose to be
These lil blue lines are my territory





Love not Likes — February 9, 2018

Love not Likes

Written by Destiny Bergeron 


 Please don’t

mess up a good thing

over nothing ,

wtf does facebook

have to do with anything

Say I’m  being  cold

Is  thats why

You see me as shelter ?

I just don’t share,  your traditional gerneric methods of loving someone.

I don’t, text as soon as I wake up

I dont, update my status

according to what your posting

I don’t, change my habbits

My thoughts or my reasons

if you’re looking for someone

who loves like an automated system

You the wrong person

just let us be you and me

without judgments, or

superficial labels,

Without unlogical obligations

that we cannot  profill,

till we’re disappointed and Resentful of the we energy wasted

on a love that

never really existed,
Cuz we never could let be

I use to just submit,

accept an imitation of love

Now I just dimiss,

my time is precious

Just give me,

your touch and knowledge

text and relationship statuses

are not relivant

if you want my heart

you gotta come and get it

Theres no link you just click

No inbox you can message

I do understand your doubt

How you’d think I’m being shady

Facebook and  instagram

Has replaced real conversation

That’s the only reason

I haven’t kicked you out

Just please shut your mouth

And let me show the kinda love

I’m  talking about

I don’t need more notifications

Or pics, post or likes

I  just need your affection

I know love existed long before Facebook was invented

I don’t let it

define our relationship

I define it by treating you with Respect, trust and making you smile every chance I get


FACEBOOK has changed the way people validate a relationship

But to me its still built on trust

Not likes