Evil Truth — February 12, 2019

Evil Truth

WRITTEN BY Destiny Bergeron 

Forseen by ancients~

The mighty will fall~

Right before they conquer all~

History repeats~

so are we doomed to the same destiny?~

Nothing is forever~

But memories you remember~

When it’s time to pay the piper~

Will you have enough soul~

Or will you be rejected~

Cuz you chose money over all other~

Hold judgments over knowledge~

Distort faith into hate~

I know on that day my soul has to answer for its ways~

I won’t be sent away~

It’s not what you worship~

Or how you do it~

It’s  about being a good person~

That’s this poets perspective

If you choose to hate

in the name of faith

You will lose your way

I doubt saying prayers and going to church

can save from judgement~

I’m not trying to call out~

Any religion or practice~

All faiths are beautiful~

But no faith can save you

From you from being evil~

INSIGHT ….this is just my own opinion on people  using faith to hate… I’ve seen very faithful people be very evil people.



Blindsided — February 5, 2019


Written by Destiny Bergeron

To the left

to  the right

Get in line
Don’t try to speak
Of a different side
You’ll be criticized
And scrutinized
It’s a waste of time
You may be right
You could be
Screaming the truth
From the middle
But everyone else
Is too far away
to hear you
We can’t function
Like this
If we’re divided
Well never be able
to move forward
We have to remember
The great evils we’ve overcame
The Authors of Freedom
America needs us
To step up
I know we all are different
Everyone is
Our troops have been forgotten
The longest war in our history
Silenced by facebook
And Twitter
And mainstream medias
Refusal to report on it
We might not be able to agree
On gun control
Or immigration
Our Soldiers, our
Friends, mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers,
Are dying in an endless war
let us come together to bring
Our loved ones home
And End the never-ending War
Star-Crossed — February 2, 2019


Looking up at the night sky

if you
Wonder about me
Our lives might as be
as distant
As those stars twinkling
Shakespharian and hopeless
The nights soft wind
Is the closest thing
to your sent
If a falling stars can grant a wish
Than I wish,
for them all to
fall right now so I can
wish for you
over and over again
LOST — February 1, 2019


Lost it all

Lost my grip

Lost my since

Lost myself

Lost in war

Lost my morals

Lost my faith

Lost my ways

Lost my fears

Lost my tears

Lost my doubt

Lost my life

Lost when I tried

Lost when I’m with you

Lost without you

Lost because of you

Lost everything

Lost searching

Lost love

Lost pain

Lost shame

Lost days

Lost again

Lost we all have been

Nightmares of a Poet  — January 29, 2019

Nightmares of a Poet 

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I’m sunbathing on the beach

The world crumbles under my feet

I start to see the will of humanity

get washed out by the sea

Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry

On my beach, the horizon is all I see

Or is it a tsunami

cuz, it seems to be

taking over the sky

Our planet doesn’t care

if we live or die

And it would be

smart to end our time

We are very selfish beings

That put wealth above

the ground we walk on

Billions of kinds of different life

has lived without destroying eachother or our planet

like we are doing

When the wave starts to black out the sun I wake up

Wondering if my dream

Is a warning of what’s to come

Maybe it’s a metaphor

for my own life

I wipe the tears from my eyes knowing the fear I felt

wasn’t only mine

What do you see

when you dream of mankind

Writers Prelude — January 20, 2019

Writers Prelude

These words are my own

Their origins are my mind heart and soul

Inspired by life

my mind fills with lines,

tries to find

the words that unite mankind

my heart beats

the rythem of my love

it decides who I trust

and how much they are aloud to see

My soul holds the lines of my flow

Speaks of my love for these words

If you wanna read futher just know

You are reading pieces of me

You are seeing the things

that make me, me

My mind, heart, and soul

Are the Authors

I’m just the one that puts it down on paper

Before — January 19, 2019


Written by Destiny Bergeron 

Have you ever been broken-

And afraid everyone can see ?

Screaming into the dark~

That ravished your world.

Till your screams turn to cries~

And you’re reduced to your knees.

That’s where I was~

when she found me.

And she wonders why~

I wonder ….what she sees in me~

I guess it was necessity ~

Honestly we had no reason~

To give eachother so much trust.

Fell in love in not even a month~

When I look back on us~

I see the universe work.

In the most profound way.

Crashed us tohether~

Right before~

the darkness~

took us forever~

As if the Universe knew

We’d survive

tearing eachother apart

That our hearts would reform

stronger than they were before

Insight…. I use to think of her as the one that got away

Now I know our purpose was greater~

I’m stronger

Change of Heart — January 18, 2019

Change of Heart

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I swear you linger

Like winter ice

Freezing to the edges of my mind

Hardening the ground of heart

Cooling my blood

So I can adapt to living

without your touch

I know not to try to fallow you

Chasing the sun is impossible

So I have to let you go

Have faith that your seasons will change

And bring you back to me someday

Silent Night — January 17, 2019

Silent Night

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Sometimes there is just

Nothingleft to wright

You my pen has gone dry
The page is bright white
like snow untouched in the night
The empty blue lines
Quiet and still
With out my pen scratching
And pressing the impressions
Of my messy life
At this time I realize
The beauty in not being able to find a rhyme
It’s just a silent night….
Anomaly of Hearts — January 11, 2019

Anomaly of Hearts

Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s beyond words~

No metaphors~

Or adverbs~

No sentence exist~

If you said you found one~

You’d be lying~

I got piles of poems trying~

But there’s no defining~

My pen feels helpless~

And my heart is disappointed~

With its every  attempt~

Fact is we don’t make since~

maybe its the anomaly~

That us keeps going~

makes us defy the physics

That say we’ll never make it~