Written by Destiny Bergeron

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Have you seen it?
I swear!

it was just right here…

It’s just words,

in nicely arranged sentences

but it’s mine…

I wrote a couple of lines

Then was rudely interrupted

by life

Now I can’t remember

a single word,

not one rhyme

I searched under my mattress

And in all my pockets

I swear I checked everywhere

It can’t just disappear

It’s a poem it can’t just

grow legs and walk away

It’s a piece of paper

My Mom would say

the saint Joseph prayer~

And tell me not to fear~

Well, please!!! look around, look around

cause this poem is nowhere

to be found

I turned my whole house

upside down

Attempting to find the whereabouts

Of those words I jotted down~

And all I have is

a big mess to pick up now

Written In memory of

Shel Silverstein

Shel taught me poetry can be funny

He passed May 10 1999

His words live on forever

The Hunt

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Know I don’t scare easily

You’re a savage you feast

but I see the beauty in the beast

Despite those you have lost the fight

Beneath your sheets

I’m not weak

You take what you plz

Leave them in pieces

For hearts you are a feind

You think I’m like the rest

I’ll be begging on my knees

Well do what you please

I’m stronger than you think

I enjoy the hunt

You think I’m the prey

You dont realize

how far I can run

You’ll be be hunting

this heart forever

And that’s just what I want

Peace of Winter 

Written by Destiny Bergeron

The day comes earlier

Birds fill the air

A chill is hanging on

To the back of the wind

As winter tries to linger

You see it’s defeat as the

Ground thaws beneath my feet

The need for mittens and hot chocolate deplete

As the sun steams whats left of winter off the streets

The trees start budding and the grass greens

The smell of the air becomes sweet

As a New Englander I see

a sadness to winters defeat

knowing the peace it carries

The quiet snow is replaced with crashing rain and echoing thunder

The calm placid river rages full of winters leftovers

I wouldn’t be so happy

to let the peace of winter go

If i didn’t know it would return

We are locked in this endless cycle

Helpless as the world turns


Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s always ticking

Never slows or quickens

You think if you start running

You may be able to get ahead of it

But it’s relentlessly constant

Closing in on your existence

It never sleeps will catch up

to you as you dream

Snatching you back to reality

like tic toc b@*#h it’s me

You could run your whole life

But everyone runs outta time


This is a little scary for me to post 

I have been writing this book off and on for years. I am finally close to completion. Sci Fi saga of a post catastrophic civilization is how I describe the genre. Hope you guys like it


Scene 1 Chapter 1

They say we chose to leave the Wall about one hundred years ago. My father says we did it for freedom.

I don’t know what that is. All I know is my stomach is growling and I won’t even ask dad. Because he’ll probably go into this long lecture.

That I’ve heard since I started  second studies. How he won’t always be here,  so I’d better learn how to hunt.

  Honestly I can shoot. I just miss on purpose. I don’t like killing. So I just keep my mouth shut  and stare at The Wall in the distance.

Glowing in the blackness of The Outdalands. As the moon moves across the sky. 

The shape seems to change. An optical illusion we learn to follow very young in studies. 

 The Wall reaches twelve hundred feet into the air. Rounded towards the top to protect the Sphere.

At night the base shadow is a thin shadow that runs along its entirely rising up at the edge.

It looks like a moon hovering in the middle of the Earth. Probably why our Ancestors nicknamed it Luna.

  Night is never quiet Indalands. The squeaking, buzzing, and rustling is almost deafening.  The random strikes of the E.Y.E followed by. The cry of whatever animal that dared to stray within 10 miles of Luna

  As if it could hear my thoughts. The E.Y.E. struck something close, scaring the absolute crap out of me. My father witnesses me jump ten feet in the air and finds it rather amusing.

His laughter stops suddenly, I feel his hand on my shoulder and I immediately drop down on one knee. I hear the gun cock then turn away and close my eyes. Before I could open them.

I hear my father say you’re gonna have to look one day. Yeah but you’re still alive so not today. I joke and run off towards the kill. Dad’s shot was perfect. 

   As I clean the rabbit my thought drifts back to my first trip to the farm with my father. I was nine and scared out of my mind.

My father drank way too much rye  by the fire. I wasn’t supposed to be sleeping.

I wasn’t supposed to hear him rambling. When he started talking to his dead brother Jamison.

I was frightened at first, thinking an Outlander was trying to rob us.

Then my father started  laughing,

“I wish you could see her now Jamison, She’s so much like you”  He chuckles again,

always trying to bring home orphaned critters

Studying biology, and she’s an awful shot just like you kid,

I just worry, you know.” 

He pauses and swigs the last of his rye.

  Then says this is  just no place to raise a girl.

I wasn’t old enough to understand exactly what my father ment.

I went back to bed dreaming of being home again.

The First Page

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Hi, Im Destiny this is your first day

Let’s open to the first page

hope you’re up for

all that’s coming your way

just know you won’t go to waist

every line will be used

every margin will have doodles in it

being my notebook is no easy gig

you were chosen for couple of reasons

your paper is soft

and your lines are bold

Miami dolphins green cover

with a thick backer
so you don’t fold

my words have a mind of their own

so I have no clue
what you should prepare for

but we will get through it together

Dad’s Rock~n~ Roll

Written by Destiny Bergeron

One of my earliest memories
Sitting indian style wide-eyed
Looking up at my Dad

with a six-string propped

Across his knee
He’d always tell me shhh
Listen to the words, this song tells a story
As he strummed the melody
I got lost in the tales he told me
Even before I could speak
I fell in love with beautiful words
Now I am grown and all though,

I wish I could play the guitar like him
I enjoy playing with these words like a platinum artist


My Father taught me to listen and appreciate good writing music and literature. This is one of my favorite poems about him.

Excalibur 2

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Stick stones may break bones

But words are just words
They could never hurt me
My pen laughs
at that statement
As I sharpen it’s tip
Against the stones
Life has thrown at me
My accuracy is scary
I barely have to try
The pen just glides
To the next line
So I hope you don’t mind
I’m trying
to keep up with the rhymes
might set this page on fire
running a lil wild
Call it a freestyle
It’s been awhile
Since I had the time
Soon as my pen touches that blue line
The winds will raise
Stirring up the words
The flow pulls them together
Forming a tornado
Ripping the residuals
That cling to my soul
Those heavy thoughts
We can’t let go
Words may not be able to
Break bones
But the pen will always be
Mightier than the sword
That’s why I call mine