Rise and Shine

Morning sun having fun with the horizon

Stars still shine at he top of sky,

while the clouds get set on fire

The trees look black standing in each other shadows

Making the sun seem even brighter

As they border the universe’s artwork

Some days the clouds are too thick

and might you forget, just how beautiful life can get

Just know one thing for certain, And that’s the sun will come up again


I have to thank the WordPress community for giving my poetry a safe home. Recently went through a writing drout.

I didn’t know why my Pen went dry, till I started reading my old poems. One written in the 9th grade almost brought me to my knees…. I reached for my Pen instead


Written by Destiny Bergeron

In my absence

My heart grew fonder

Like they said it would

My pen develop dust

But it never dulled

It just

 waited in silence 

As I morned the loss of a good friend

Knowing there are no words 

to bring them back again

Didn’t stop me from from trying

Everytime my pen touch the page

I thought of him

Repeating the same 

half written rhymes

 till I just couldn’t write

       “Pain is a thing that lessons over time

       And as the pages of life fly by

       We learn wrong from right

       And how to say goodbye”

I wrote those lines in the nineth grade

Fourteen years old..

You were my friend longer

 than I was alive at time 

What did I know about goodbye?

 Those words written long ago

Were so true they hurt

That pain was me letting go

 without out even thinking about it 

I reached for my pen

Step out of the darkness

Into the brightness of a blank page

The light reveals my battle scars

 across my heart

I wear them like a badge of honor

With my pen as my sword

I am never alone

 these words are my home

The Worded Warrior has returned


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Have you seen it?
I swear!

it was just right here…

It’s just words,

in nicely arranged sentences

but it’s mine…

I wrote a couple of lines

Then was rudely interrupted

by life

Now I can’t remember

a single word,

not one rhyme

I searched under my mattress

And in all my pockets

I swear I checked everywhere

It can’t just disappear

It’s a poem it can’t just

grow legs and walk away

It’s a piece of paper

My Mom would say

the saint Joseph prayer~

And tell me not to fear~

Well, please!!! look around, look around

cause this poem is nowhere

to be found

I turned my whole house

upside down

Attempting to find the whereabouts

Of those words I jotted down~

And all I have is

a big mess to pick up now

Written In memory of

Shel Silverstein

He taught me poetry can be funny

Shel died May 10 1999

His words live on forever

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Cautious with my thoughts often
Every changing like the rules of engagement

holding my sorrows
Shedding my tomorrows
Like a beast in the summer

I am a war torn soldier
Stationed on the front lines
of good and evil

With my pen as my sword
I pick them apart word by word
Verbs use to destroy
whoever comes forth

Metaphors like arrows
fly high over your head
than rip through your flesh
till you have nothing left

I am savage by habit
Constant forward motion
Like im in locomotion
So approach like your life
Is sacred

you are only an enemy
If you choose to be
my heart is their territory

My Rocks 2

I started working with stones

I used to have boxes and boxes of poems

Now I have boxes and boxes of rocks

Just like writing I have so many ideas

The way I can shape and blend them together

All the different beautiful things I could make

only poetry has given me this feeling before

And I know it’s something to cherish

It’s messy and dusty it seems impossible sometimes

Just like trying to find the right words


Don’t tell my other poems…this one is my favorite

Written by Destiny Bergeron

We are powerful beings

The energy inside one person

Is said to be equivalent

to a small nuclear explosion

Only difference is

we let it go gradually

Instead of all at once

I believe this is a beautiful thing

We choose to explode 

at random moments

in various fashions of love

That leads us 

To the person we become

Look to yourself for strength

You were built with the stars

And you are powerful

Strong enough to

destroy your own world

Or hold it all together

The choice is yours

Insight..don’t tell my other poems this ones my favorite!!! We all need a  little reminder of just how amazing we are


Written by Destiny Bergeron

They say in the early stages

The Earth was a fireball of lava.
Spinning 200x faster

Completely inhabitable

Until a dwarf planet Named Thia

Smashed into the top of the Earth

The impact almost stopped the planet

We would have turned to stone

But Earth survived

Becoming stronger

With every meteor strike

Absorbing all the ingredients

the solar system had to offer

Creating a universe of life

The first were sponge-like


That thrived on


Now we are intelligent beings

Capable of everything

From love to devastation

We are a blink in the Earths existence

it has experienced

So much more than

we can comprehend

Who knows if we’ll ever get

the chance again

I know I’m not scared for our planet

I’m scared of what happens

When our planet

decides to make it right again

If we’re the problem

Than We have no chance

Our world will come to an end

Life will continue without us

Like it always has before us

We are not the end or the beginning

We are just human

We have to right our wrongs

Before the choice is no longer ours

My lil blue lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I can’t say its something
I had to master or practice

The ability to control words
contort and twist them to my flow
has always been my special power

Some would call it a gift
Although I don’t recall receiving it
I say it’s my hideaway

I’ve been inside these lil blue lines So many times it’s like
The only place I feel alive

The rhythm of my mind

heart and soul. Bumps so hard I can only hear

the beat of my pen

My hands cramp as my letters.

start to cram together

I’m gonna have fun trying to decipher

This labyrinth of words.

Scribbles of my soul
Lead to places I’ve never been before

Then right back to the beginning

I’m lost in my lil blue lines again
Guided only by

The glide of my pen
Searching for a reason

to my rhymes

Wondering why
these words bounce around
In the back of my mind

Clouding up till they build up enough to let go

Sometimes they just trickle
Other times they storm down with, such force

I’m helpless to the flow

Is it a blessing?

or am I cursed?
Am I a victim?

or a maestro?

Do I control this like an artist
or does it control me like an addict

If you were able to take

every rhyme I ever wrote
and lay down like a road

I wonder where it would go.

Where ever it leads I will follow The these lil blue lines forever

350 Pages

Written by Destiny Bergeron

She picks up my notebook~

And opens to an unknown page in my heart~

looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~

which one is about me?

I just laugh, shake my head and say~

which one isn’t~

her eyes get really big~

as she fans through 350 pages~

she says you’re kidding~

I close the notebook and warn her~

you might not like it~

I don’t say much~

I try to show my love~

by the actions I make~

Just saying it is cliche~

I must make my feelings for you tangible in some way~

whether it’s a kiss, my sincerity or in a bunch of nicely arranged sentences~

the energy created when we are connected~

is the blood of poetry~

Combined with our star-crossed faith~

how we drift apart and together again~

against life’s wind~

no poet could resist~

writing about it~

So go ahead keep reading~

And you’ll see~

how you feed~

the Shakespeare in me~

Make me strive to be a better me~

You break my heart when you leave~

You’ll see my insecurities~

the fear of you realizing you’re so much better than me~

That you might find someone who more evenly matches your astonishing beauty~

You’ll see, How I hide these fears, In fear that you’ll think less of me~

The words I never say~

In respect of our love~

I put my fears on a page~

instead of questioning our trust right to your face~

It’s not your fault they are my insecurities~

They stay in my notebook where no one else can see~


Written By Destiny Bergeron

As the sun rises

i say goodnight

My restless mind

Stirs my pen

Bewitched by the night

The sun taunting me

As it peeks through

The treeline

My eyes watery and puffy

But my mind just keeps


I look at the words

That wouldn’t be legdibale

If I wasn’t the author

Letters blur together

like those paintings

that look a mess up close

When you step back

its beauty shows

Scribbles of myself

A (Monet Impression of words)