Trying to write life right……..

Playing With Fire — August 12, 2019

Playing With Fire

Written by Destiny Begeron

Love comes in so many shapes

And even when
the pieces don’t fit
We smash
the circle into the square
Until it shatters
Now you have to piece it
back together
You’d think we evolved
From this barbaric coexistence
Since the caveman learned

to play with fire

Love is just as primal

Just as wild

And we fail miserably
At trying to contain it
Still like a moths to a flame
We throw our hearts right in
Hoping for the one that can
Set the fire again
New Day —

New Day

Written by Destiny Begeron

Morning sun

Having fun
With the horizon
Stars still shine at
The top of sky
While the clouds get set on fire
The trees look black
Standing in each other shadows
Making the sun seem even brighter
As they border the universes
Some days the clouds are too
Thick and you forget
Just how beautiful life can get
Just know one thing for certain
And that’s the sun will come up again
Planet 9 — July 27, 2019

Planet 9

3 poems

Written by Destiny Bergeron

The thought of being next to you~

Terrifies me~
Your presence is~

life altering~

Planet nine-ish~

I sometimes~

Think you’re a myth~

I tell myself to make since~

can’t deny the evidence~

How you wobble my axis~

I find pieces of you~

scattered in my existence~

As distant as the stars~

But you still pull on my heart~

Sometimes I wonder~

where you are~

then remember how~

you tore me apart~

I grab my heart~

as it recalls the pain~

Adrenaline shoots~

through my veins~

close my eyes~

and see your face~

I shake my head~

and try to forget~

How sweet than sour~

love can get~

~As hearts fall like stars~

~We wish for it all, all over again~

~No matter the distance or~ ~insurmountable chances~

~We hang on to the slightest~

~Glimpse of light~

~Like finding life on~

~another planet~

~It’s possible so we keep chasing it



Written by Destiny Bergeron

She picks up my notebook~

And opens to an unknown page in my heart~

looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~

which one is about me?

I just laugh, shake my head and say~

which one isn’t~

her eyes get really big~

as she fans through 350 pages~

she says you’re kidding~

I close the notebook and warn her~

you might not like it~

I don’t say much~

I try to show my love~

by the actions I make~

Just saying it is cliche~

I must make my feelings for you tangible in some way~

whether it’s a kiss, my sincerity or in a bunch of nicely arranged sentences~

the energy created when we are connected~

is the blood of poetry~

Combined with our star-crossed faith~

how we drift apart and together again~

against life’s wind~

no poet could resist~

writing about it~

So go ahead keep reading~

And you’ll see~

how you feed~

the Shakespeare in me~

Make me strive to be a better me~

You break my heart when you leave~

You’ll see my insecurities~

the fear of you realizing you’re so much better than me~

That you might find someone who more evenly matches your astonishing beauty~

You’ll see, How I hide these fears, In fear that you’ll think less of me~

The words I never say~

In respect of our love~

I put my fears on a page~

instead of questioning our trust right to your face~

It’s not your fault they are my insecurities~

They stay in my notebook where no one else can see~


Looking up at the night sky

if you might

about me


Our lives might as be
as distant
As those stars twinkling
Shakespharian and hopeless
The nights soft wind
Is the closest thing
to your sent
If a falling star can grant a wish
Than I wish,
for them all
To fall right now

So can wish for you

over and over again
Impressions — July 12, 2019


Written By Destiny Bergeron

As the sun rises

i say goodnight

My restless mind
Stirs my pen
Bewitched by the night
The sun taunting me
As it peeks through
The treeline
My eyes watery and puffy
But my mind just keeps
I look at the words
That wouldn’t be legdibale
If I wasn’t the author
Letters blur together
like those paintings
that look a mess up close
When you step back
its beauty shows
Scribbles of myself
A (Monet Impression of words)
The lonely Poems — July 2, 2019

The lonely Poems

I use to have boxes of poems

That meant the world to me

Every night I’d fall asleep

With my notebook next to me

Throughout my teens

My poetry was a safe place be

The older I got the less i wrote

Working and paying bills took over

my poems would get forgotten
In the back of my closet
Living most of their lives in darkness

Only writing when life provoked me

Occasionally tearing through them

Trying to find a moment I want to relive

those moments were fewer and fewer

Soon I stopped writing all together

Of course it wasn’t until

my heart got broke

I turned to my pen

To mend me back together

When I was whole again

I had a new box for my closet

And life would fill with other things

One day I showed a friend

My boxes of poems and

She said

why are you hiding them

I said I’m not

well some of them probably

But I love all of them

You should make a blog

share them on Facebook or something

What if someone steals my poems

She said I stole some guys poem once

gave to a boy That I like in 8th grade

See nope they are staying in here

where they are safe

Ok let me share one on my blog

I reluctantly agreed

Seeing my poetry being set free

Was scary

But it made me happy knowing

They were not alone anymore

That night I made my own WordPress

It brought my Poetry out of the darkness

And gave them a place to can live

A couple days ago my phone and

Laptop were stolen

That was nothing compared to

Losing my email and not being able to log in

You know that cliche saying you don’t

you don’t

Know what you got till it’s gone

till it’s gone

Having a home for my poems

Is priceless

It’s made me enjoy writing again

Thank you WordPress for existing

Worded Warrior — June 10, 2019

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Cautious with my thoughts often
Every changing like the rules of engagement

holding my sorrows
Shedding my tomorrows
Like a beast in the summer

I am a war torn soldier
Stationed on the front lines
of good and evil

With my pen as my sword
I pick them apart word by word
Verbs use to destroy
whoever comes forth

Metaphors like arrows
fly high over your head
than rip through your flesh
till you have nothing left

I am savage by habit
Constant forward motion
Like im in locomotion
So approach like your life
Is sacred

you are only an enemy
If you choose to be
my heart is their territory


Sunset — June 8, 2019


Forsaken maybes~

Distorted what ifs~

Had me believing~

If I ran fast enough~

I could catch the sun~

I ran till my legs were numb~

Till I was choking on the

Dust of my regrets~

Grabbing at the pavement~

Searching for my breath~

Only to watch the sun set

My heart breaking more~

the darker it gets~

I look back to see how far~

These maybes strayed me~

All I see is lil pieces of me~

like breadcrumbs leading me home~

How could I be so dumb to think~

I could make the sun my own~

If only I could keep up~

I’d probably still be~

chasing the sun~

Our Matriarch  — May 12, 2019

Our Matriarch 

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I look back a

I am awestricken

The absolute endearment it took

To raise all of us


My Mother is the strongest

person I know

She held us all together

And she did alone

Dad cared but wasn’t always there

Addicted to heroin

He tried his best

But our Mother never put anything before us

Raising 9 children

she wasn’t perfect

My words stumble

when it comes to her

Cuz she helped build

every piece of me

I’m almost identical to her

From my eyes

To my nose my knees

Even the way my pinky toe turns inward

I also was lucky enough to inherit

Her fierce lioness approach

to protecting her family

A switch that makes me

stick up for someone being bullied

She taught me that blood is thicker than water and no matter how bad you messed up

you can always come home

Her morals and lessons

carved the person I am

But I feel like

I’m missing so much

Cuz She’s done so much

She’s the Grand Mother of 15

Got pregnant at 16

Had my oldest sister Dec 28

3days after her 17th birthday

3boys and 6 more girls later

We now have children of our own

to pass on the lessons of our mother

She’s proud that we’re all happy

And healthy

We all talk to eachother

We all depend on eachother

Dads clean now

more able to help out

My Mother is the reason

we all made it

9 kids raised in over 15 apartments

We were often were in ghetto

But not one of us ever got lost

To drugs

To abuse

To addition

Or anything we remain whole

cuz shes kept us together

No matter how far away life takes us

she always helps us pick

the right way to go

Never tries to clip our wings

wants us to explore the world

But is always there to lead us home

This poem has been inside of me

since I was a little girl

I’ve been searching for

the words to show

The great admiration

respect and love I have for her


Ghetto Testimonial  — May 3, 2019

Ghetto Testimonial 

I’m am a collaboration

Of the ghetto

and my daddys rock &roll

Never lost cuz my

Mom taught me right from wrong

I’m a warrior of life

Trying to win one for the good side

Always sticking up for the lil guy

Holding my head up high

down some pretty dark streets

Don’t be fooled by what you see

I am a beast a rare breed

It’s not healthy to judge me

Or try to predict lil too swift

You’ll get caught up in the current

And I’ll tare you to bits

Ninja-ish, my flow is automatic

Sick is my addiction to this pen

symphony on paper

Im a meistro of words

Master of sarrow

scholar of life

still learning how to survive

Chasing the high of a perfect line

Get by one rhyme at a time

A Poets Wish —

A Poets Wish

Written by Destiny Bergeron

What I want most

Is for people to have their own voice

I cant help but to wonder

if we all were automated

Emotion replaced by emoji

We don’t say what we think

we say what think is right

its not wrong to be different

The most amazing things

Are the ones we don’t understand

Exploration Is the foundation

to the unknown Wonders of the future

But you’ll never know if

If you cant think for yourself

If you sound like everyone else

Find what makes you different

And turn it into what makes you amazing

That might be the most cliche

Line I ever wrote

But its what I wish for most


We can’t accomplish anything if everyone has the same ideas