Star Bright

Like the sun they all fall towards you 

Aline like planets so they can

Live off the light you give

I’m somewhere off in the distance

my pale blue light is

Probably hard to find

You’re one of the brightest in my sky

I wish upon you sometimes 

I wonder how you formed 

What elements are at your core

What makes you

 burn brighter than all the others

If I study the skies 

Could I find the secret to your light

I just know that you make me smile

And I think you’re beautiful 

Your heart is so strong 

It pulls on other hearts 

Like the the sun’s gravity 

Holds the planets together 

The rarest truest form

 of light to exist

Is whatever makes you

On the line

Written by Destiny Bergeron

My heart is dormant it doesn’t

React to the pain 

I just look straight ahead

No matter how hard the storm’s coming in

Relentless as time ticking

My step only quickens 

As the flow thickings 

My pen steadily waiting for

A chance to touch the page

Rearrange the game 

put it all on the line

The darkness cannot hide

Rhyme by rhyme 

It will be picked apart

My pen doesn’t miss

So fair warning

My kindness will not

Be taken for weakness

Don’t make me flip the script

Turn the page and

 write you out of existence 

With deadly precision 

It’s unfortunate

I let you in


Your light was inviting 

But you don’t hold all the blame

You didn’t take anything

 I didn’t want to give

My punishment will not be quick

 my pen takes aim 

And just hang my head knowing

I will not be pitied 

So here I stand on the lil blue line 

in light the of blank page

Awaiting my fate

knowing it’s gonna hurt

but I deserve every word

Our Matriarch

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I look back and

I am awestricken

The absolute endearment it took

To raise all of us

My Mother is the strongest

person I know

She held us all together

And she did alone

Dad cared but wasn’t always there

Addicted to heroin

He tried his best

But our Mother never put anything before us

Raising 9 children

she wasn’t perfect

My words stumble

when it comes to her

Cuz she helped build

every piece of me

I’m almost identical to her

From my eyes

To my nose my knees

Even the way my pinky toe turns inward

I also was lucky enough to inherit

Her fierce lioness approach

to protecting her family

A switch that makes me

stick up for someone being bullied

She taught me that blood is thicker than water and no matter how bad you messed up

you can always come home

Her morals and lessons

carved the person I am

But I feel like

I’m missing so much

Cuz She’s done so much

Had my oldest sister Dec 28

3days after her 17th birthday

3boys and 6 more girls later

We now have children of our own

to pass on the lessons of our mother

She’s proud that we’re all happy

And healthy

We all talk to eachother

We all depend on eachother

Dads clean now

more able to help out

My Mother is the reason

we all made it

We were often in the ghetto

But not one of us ever got lost

To drugs

To abuse

To addition

Or anything we remain whole

cuz shes kept us together

No matter how far away life takes us

she always helps us pick

the right way to go

Never tries to clip our wings

wants us to explore the world

But is always there to lead us home

This poem has been inside of me

since I was a little girl

I’ve been searching for

the words to show

The great admiration respect and love

I have for her

Insomniac Pen

I need to write
there is something inside
that fuels this pen of mine
my whole life
is achieved in rhyme
poetry is involuntary
it is air to me
without it I can’t breathe
sometimes it bores me
I wonder if my words
feel the same about me
I know one thing
without them I’d be crazier than
this poem is
my insomniac pen
scribbling nonsense
the heaviness of my eyelids 
becomes too much to resist
my pen slips out of my fingertips
and this poem is finished


Written by Destiny Bergeron

We are powerful beings
The energy inside one person

Is said to be equivalent

to a small nuclear explosion

Only difference is

we let it go gradually

Instead of all at once

I believe this is a beautiful thing

We choose to explode

at random moments

in various fashions of love

That leads us to the person we become

Look to yourself for strength

You were built with the stars

And you are powerful

Strong enough to

destroy your own world

Or hold it all together

The choice is yours

350 Pages

Written by Destiny Bergeron

She picks up my notebook~

And opens to an unknown page in my heart~

looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~

which one is about me?

I just laugh, shake my head and say~

which one isn’t~

her eyes get really big~

as she fans through 350 pages~

she says you’re kidding~

I close the notebook and warn her~

you might not like it~

I don’t say much~

I try to show my love~

by the actions I make~

Just saying it is cliche~

I must make my feelings for you tangible in some way~

whether it’s a kiss, my sincerity or in a bunch of nicely arranged sentences~

the energy created when we are connected~

is the blood of poetry~

Combined with our star-crossed faith~

how we drift apart and together again~

against life’s wind~

no poet could resist~

writing about it~

So go ahead keep reading~

And you’ll see~

how you feed~

the Shakespeare in me~

Make me strive to be a better me~

You break my heart when you leave~

You’ll see my insecurities~

the fear of you realizing you’re so much better than me~

That you might find someone who more evenly matches your astonishing beauty~

You’ll see, How I hide these fears, In fear that you’ll think less of me~

The words I never say~

In respect of our love~

I put my fears on a page~

instead of questioning our love

right to your face~

It’s not your fault

they are my insecurities~

They stay in my notebook

where no one else can see~

Recipe for Victory

Take the pain and sever its head
With your pen
Chop it up into little sections
Then use its blood to write with
Let the regrets pour onto the page
In nicely arranged sentences
My pen drips with rhymes
Looking at the blank page
Stained with remains of the
Battle that wages inside
Raise my pen and they all fall in line
The Worded Warrior has declared war
On the anxiety that has taking over my life
Gather all the ammo you can find
every word every rhyme
Load them into my pen
And without hesitation fire till
The page is burning
till there’s no more regrets no
Pain, just keep writing
till all the Anxiety retreats
into the darkness it came from
And all that is left to the pain
is a poem
The Worded Warrior stands victorious

Insight…Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire

Rise and Shine

Morning sun having fun with the horizon

Stars still shine at he top of sky,

while the clouds get set on fire

The trees look black standing in each other shadows

Making the sun seem even brighter

As they border the universe’s artwork

Some days the clouds are too thick

and might you forget, just how beautiful life can get

Just know one thing for certain, And that’s the sun will come up again

Nightmares of a Poet

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I’m sunbathing on the beach


The world start crumbling

under my feet

I start to see the will of humanity

getting washed out by the sea

Tides pounding

the cries of our ancestry

In the distance I can see

the horizon seems to be rising

Or is it a tsunami

As it begins to

take over the sky

I start run for my life

Our planet doesn’t care

if we live or die

and it would be
smart to end our time

We are very selfish beings

That put wealth above

the ground we walk on

billions kinds of different kinds of life

have lived on this planet

without destroying it

Or eachother

like we are doing

Right before

the wave blacks out the sun

I wake up

Wondering if my dream

Is a warning of what’s to come

Maybe it’s a metaphor for my own life

I wipe the tears from my eyes

knowing the fear I felt

wasn’t only mine

What do you see when you dream of humankind