Evolution — October 16, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Thought I was stuck

I’ve had enough
Got pushed to the edge
There was nothing left
But to lose it
And… that I did
Jumped right off
Like this is it
Fell forever
Till I realized
I was flying
Not Falling
Didn’t know all the pain
Was training me
To keep going
So when the ground
Started crumbling
I tried to outrun it
Ran till the earth ended
Thought I was out of options
So I just did what
I always do and kept going
Karma is always watching
And I must of done something
That granted me these wings
Looking down on things that
Use to be me
knowing what it is

to be free

Kryptonite — October 11, 2018


My words can get pretty graphic,

When she’s the topic,

I am transfixed

In her lips,

Lost in her grip,

All sinces are redirected

towards her direction,

She knows I’m helpless

and plays with my ambitions,

I wanna know her every secret,

Search her like an unknown world,

Learn  the language of her soul,

Explore the parts of her

that make her beautiful,

Try to make her feel a fraction

of the reaction her love causes,

She is the variable that completes

my equation,

I could go on for pages

but it would all have the same reasoning,

She’s completely amazing.

My Nevers — October 10, 2018

My Nevers

Why do we always try for forever

When it’s never that we really want

Never put someone else before the one you love

Never disrespect or take for granted

Never go astray

Never think of me a different way

Never look at me with pity

or hurt me on purpose

Never deny me your kisses

Or stop wanting mine

Never stop needing me to make it right

Never want me to leave

Never think I’m weak

Never stop trying to figure me out

Never use my insecurities against me

Never walk ahead or behind me

never be out of my reach

I could go on for an eternity

of never it would take to get my forever

Poets’ Cut — October 9, 2018

Poets’ Cut

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Stitched in my inners

Like the like the features
Of my mother
Are the words

That makes me my own
I follow the light of my pen
even in darkness
Try to harness the lessons
Nothing is worth it
If you don’t work for it
My father’s words still
Ringing in my ears
Because I know
If I standing I’m
I’m swinging
as long as the breath is in me
Fiercely till this
flow recedes completely
I’m not known for my pleasantries
Happy in silence
I put my head down
And Grind
I don’t try to find excuses
It is what it is
I made a bad decision
Casted the villain
Questioned my righteousness
Stained my pristine
Record of never falling
You made see nobody
Is trustworthy
Not even myself apparently
Intoxicating — October 1, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Call it karma~
call it faith~
A coincidence~
or a chance~
My best friend begged me~
I’d be in PJs drinking coffee~
And writing poetry~
If she didn’t drag to this bar~
Hoping to hit it off ~
with the guy at work~
She’s asked me to chaperone~
All was good till you~
came through the door~
My heart almost skipped~
Towards you like a moth~
To a streetlight~
Of course, it would be her~
My kryptonite~
Our eyes meet~
I literally get scared~

like a Lil girl~

And shoot my eyes to the floor~
I feel the bar fill with~
The heat created whenever~
We occupy the same space~
It’s uncontrollable~
Has been from the get-go~
But its unsustainable~
And impossible to control~
You’d think after all this time~
We would have learned~
Not to play with fire~
We try but the tension~
Rises pushing us closer together~
It’s almost chemical~
Our reaction to each other~
Will never last~
After all our experiments~
That’s the one true fact~
We are made from the same ingredients~
Just in different increments~
When mixed~
It’s absolutely intoxicating~
Theia — September 29, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron

The distance is vast

But our paths
Are set on an orbit
We crashed together long ago
Almost destroyed each other’s world
Now we’re whole again
Looking up
At the sky wanting more
My heart use to build
Sculptures of your form
Praying for your wamrth to return
The light that finds me now
is pale in comparison
Dull,and lacking
life providing nutrients
Like the moon trying to be sunlight
It’s just not right
I’ve studied the skies
Trying to find
the next time we’ll be aligned
It’s like trying to predict
Witch star will fall tonight
Compassion — September 21, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
The war star in the distance

Burning brighter than it’s ever been
Will we worship it like pagans
Or change our ways
Our compassion saved us once
Is there enough left in us to right the wrongs we committed
For us to fight the hatred
With the compassion
That makes us human
It’s the only way to make a difference
We are oblivious
to the suffering of Yemen
To the hundreds of thousands
Of bombings
To fact that one child dies every ten minutes
And when those who survived
Find a piece of the bomb
They see made in America
When a school bus is collateral damage
200 hospitals acceptable targets
We need to stop
our Government Involvement
in the destruction Yemen
Wounded Words — September 12, 2018

Wounded Words

Written By Destiny Bergeron
It’s hard for me to

Admit defeat
I am a warrior
I do not retreat
But when you’re brought
To your knees
It’s impossible
To fight the war

So I

put down my sword
And pick up the thing
That I started fighting for
My word,
beating from my heart, my soul
If I still have those
then I am still whole
My wounds will heal
And my Will

Will still be here

Fall Apart  —

Fall Apart 

Written by Destiny Bergeron

lost in a lovers leap

fell hard but it was sweet.

now I stand broken

at your feet.

wondering if

you’ve seen me?

or did I fail you

like I did me?

this isn’t who I want to be

we tried and failed miserably.

so I’m gonna gather up

what’s left of me.

and leave you with nothing

but what we use to be.

I hang my head in defeat.

broken and sore from

trying to pull us back together.

there’s parts of me

that will always be yours.

and pieces of you I’ll never let go.

Although we fell for each other-

we fell apart not together

INSIGHT ….Sometimes you don’t survive the fall

Rhyme Light — September 5, 2018

Rhyme Light

Written by Destiny Bergeron
Ahhh I feel like blahhhh

Wtf is going on
I don’t fall
I’m grounded
From my foundation up
Built with hard work and love
I’m not invincible
I’ve been hurt before
I’ve stumbled, fumbled,
A few chances I should of
never let go
But not my spirit
No matter how dark it gets
I find strength in the pain
Light up the dark with my pen
My life is in pieces
But it knows where the
Pieces go so I’ll
Follow its light till
I’m whole