The Villain — August 12, 2018

The Villain

Written By Destiny Bergeron
               The Villain
I questioned your measures.
Thought we were,
 just two strangers
 in the wind
My mistreatment of your presence was cowardly and ignorant
My consumption of your senses,
 bounded you to my existence
 Your love was
full-hearted and honest
Mine was weak, to say the least
 I never wanted us to be
 more than a maybe
The thought of you
 loving terrified me
Now that you’re gone
I see all that we could be
Hindsight is alway’s 20\20
I’m not going to apologize
Try to act like
I can make things right
I’m a hypocrite, a crook that took, your heart knowing,
I wasn’t strong enough to hold it
So that makes me the villain
You can never take
a heart for granted
Phoenix —


Written By Destiny Bergeron

From the abyss~

of lost chances~

and never again~

I rise like a Phoenix~
and catch the wind~
Spread my wings~
Over the ashes that~
Made me a fiery beast~
Indigenous to heat~
My Abilities give the energy~
To morph from nothing~
Into a prodigy~
The strength to squeeze~

the stones

the world throws at me~
Make them bleed the poetry~
that makes me believe~
I look to my Pen~
like Atlas~
it keeps my sky fallen~
When nothing makes sense~
Or when~
the rain just won’t give~
Some how it~
keeps my heart from crashing~
This poem would never end~
I could go on for pages~
With way my Pen has saved me~
Romeo — August 8, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

The heart doesn’t listen at all~
Sometimes it’s like talking to a wall~
You make your plea~
begging, please~
Don’t jump it’s not worth it~
but it just~
leaps, head first~
screaming but I love her~
Likes some kinda Romeo~
In reality~
Its better compared to Poe~

Lying in pieces broken and alone~

Repeating Nevermore over and over~

Rigged — August 4, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
The honest truth

Is the more you love someone
The more they can hurt you
Disappointment is greater
When it comes from
Someone you trust
It’s the ugly side of love
no one speaks of
It’s ability to just
Morph into something dangerous
Something so far from love
It becomes who can hurt who more,
Who’s right, who’s life is more messed up because
they chose to love the other
Well this Lil poet won’t lie
Nope I’m gonna write it right
Love is not
all rainbows and butterflies
99% of the time
Your not gonna survive the fall
But it’s that one chance at forever
We’re all searching for
What is that green light in the cloud? —
Welcome, Home — August 2, 2018

Welcome, Home

Written By Destiny Bergeron
Didn’t expect it to affect me

I wasn’t even watching tv
I heard it was happening
As I cooked dinner for my family
At first usual political bragging
I walked in the room then saw the caskets, with our flag across it
A Woman who never met her father
Cuz he was called to war
He sacrificed his life
So other Daughters wouldn’t be told.
Their fathers didn’t make it home
The sight of the soldiers being
saluted, their souls finally hearing
Friendly boots marching to honor their Service
Touched me forever, my eyes watered up and my heart swelled
But it wasn’t sadness
I was overwhelmed with Peace
Our fallen, were forgotten no more
Finally home with family,
To rest with Dignity

Insight, I don’t support any war for any reason,but those Soldiers coming home I will remember forever

Page-Strength — August 1, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron

The clouds are rolling in~

Darkening as they
Pile up against the wind~

I look to the sky~
And just grab my pen~

Knowing it’s the only thing,

that can control it

Soon as the tip hits the paper, Lightning crashes

And the words thunder
On to the paper

I don’t know how it has the strength to brave the storm

Elementary — July 29, 2018


Created in our hearts~
written in the stars~
The words of ours
fill the world~
A poem, a story
has its own energy~
When it’s set free~
There’s no telling
The hearts it may reach~
Legends of old to the unknown~
The creativity that fills our spirit~
Gives our words purpose~
Possibilities beyond our wildest dreams~
But always at the tip
of our pen, it seems~
Yours — July 28, 2018


I use to believe~
To love completely~
You have to fall hopelessly~
Surrender your heart willingly~
That led me to wherever~
They let me go~
Picking up the broken pieces~
 till I’m whole~
Now I know to never let go~
Always keep your heart close~
Love what makes it grow~
Who knows your heart~
Will always be yours~
Mars — July 25, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
The war star in the distance~

Brighter than it’s ever been~
We are under it’s light~
Will we worship it like pagons~
Or change our ways~
Our compassion saved us once~
Is there enough left in us~

To save ourselves again~