On the line

Written by Destiny Bergeron My heart is dormant it doesn’t React to the pain  I just look straight ahead No matter how hard the storm’s coming in Relentless as time ticking My step only quickens  As the flow thickings  My pen steadily waiting for A chance to touch the page Rearrange the game  put itContinue reading “On the line”

Insomniac Pen

I need to writethere is something insidethat fuels this pen of minemy whole lifeis achieved in rhymepoetry is involuntaryit is air to mewithout it I can’t breathesometimes it bores meI wonder if my wordsfeel the same about meI know one thingwithout them I’d be crazier thanthis poem ismy insomniac penscribbling nonsensethe heaviness of my eyelids becomesContinue reading “Insomniac Pen”


Written by Destiny Bergeron We are powerful beingsThe energy inside one person Is said to be equivalent to a small nuclear explosion Only difference is we let it go gradually Instead of all at once I believe this is a beautiful thing We choose to explode at random moments in various fashions of love That leadsContinue reading “Chosen”

350 Pages

Written by Destiny Bergeron She picks up my notebook~ And opens to an unknown page in my heart~ looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~ which one is about me? I just laugh, shake my head and say~ which one isn’t~ her eyes get really big~ as she fans through 350 pages~ sheContinue reading “350 Pages”

Peace of Winter

The day comes earlier Birds fill the air A chill is hanging on To the back of the wind As winter tries to linger You see it’s defeat as the Ground thaws beneath my feet The need for mittens and hot chocolate deplete As the sun steams whats left of winter off the streets TheContinue reading “Peace of Winter”


Written By Destiny Bergeron Fingers pointing in every direction No one is allowed a different perspective All this division Is becoming consuming We’re passionate beings But that’s not what makes us human Our compassion is, This We sometimes forget When our passion is questioned It ignites our pride We lose sight of what’s right ChooseContinue reading “Onesided”

Excalibur 2

Written by Destiny Bergeron Stick stones may break bones But words are just words They could never hurt me My pen laughs at that statement As I sharpen it’s tip Against the stones Life has thrown at me My accuracy is scary I barely have to try The pen just glides To the next lineContinue reading “Excalibur 2”

Natural Beauty

Finding the words for her Is torture Nothing ever comes close My best comparison is Standing at the summit of a mountain  Looking out into the beauty  Of the wilderness  for a moment you get a notion  Of Just how small you are  How your happiness  is the last thing  this universe should  care aboutContinue reading “Natural Beauty”


Perception is everything This is one flat piece of iron The sun and shadowsPlaying with your mindsimple yet inspiringBeautiful and ominousPerfect lines create a feast for eyesA sense of harmony in the designSacred geometry because it automaticallyIntrigues your mind forcing youTo see the possibilities in life