Change of Heart

Written by Destiny Bergeron  I swear you linger~ Like winter ice~ Freezing to the edges of my mind~ Hardening the ground of my soul~ Cooling my blood~ So I can adapt to living~ without your touch~ I know not to try to fallow you~ Chasing the sun is impossible~ So I have to let youContinue reading “Change of Heart”

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron Cautious with my thoughts often Every changing like the rules of engagement holding my sorrows Shedding my tomorrows Like a beast in the summer I am a war torn soldier Stationed on the front lines of good and evil With my pen as my sword I pick them apart word byContinue reading “Worded Warrior”

350 Pages

Written by Destiny Bergeron She picks up my notebook~ And opens to an unknown page in my heart~ looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~ which one is about me? I just laugh, shake my head and say~ which one isn’t~ her eyes get really big~ as she fans through 350 pages~ sheContinue reading “350 Pages”


Written by dlb Have you ever been broken- And afraid everyone can see ? Screaming into the dark~ That ravished your world. Till your screams turn to cries~ And you’re reduced to your knees. That’s where I was~ when she found me. And she wonders why~ I wonder ….what she sees in me~ I guessContinue reading “Before”


Written by Destiny Bergeron The broken bits lead me home To the creases in my bedsheets days blend together Nothing but a blur Feels like I’m miles away I find shelter in being alone Noise of the world seems absurd I try drowning it out headphones And my face in my phone Non conscious actsContinue reading “System”

Fall Apart

Written by Destiny Bergeron lost in a lovers leap fell hard but it was sweet. now I stand broken at your feet. wondering if you’ve seen me? or did I fail you like I did me? this isn’t who I want to be we tried and failed miserably. so I’m gonna gather up what’s leftContinue reading “Fall Apart”

Where My Words Go

Written by Destiny Bergeron I rhyme when Shes on my mind When I need to remember what’s real My pen usually glides Right back to the way she made me feel My words can travel time Make me remember losing her All over I can’t rhyme us back together So I’ll rhyme till I findContinue reading “Where My Words Go”


Written By Destiny Bergeron The distance is vast But our paths Are set on an orbit We crashed together long ago Almost destroyed each other’s world Now we’re whole again Looking up At the sky wanting more My heart used to build Sculptures of your form Praying for your wamrth to return The light thatContinue reading “Darkside”

Writers Cry

Written by Destiny Bergeron  Hold your pen up high Cast aside the weary minds Look to the sky And repeat after I These are my words own The creative energy that lives in me This pen is my compass This page is my journey The lines always lead back to me But stretch as farContinue reading “Writers Cry”


Written by Destiny Bergeron It’s part of me As critical as an artery The need is involuntary What it pumps out Gives me this relief Makes all the things Building up in my life, pushing me back, Or holding me down My pen gatherers and stores The pain Then like rain it falls down OntoContinue reading “Climate”