350 Pages

Written by Destiny Bergeron She picks up my notebook~ And opens to an unknown page in my heart~ looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~ which one is about me? I just laugh, shake my head and say~ which one isn’t~ her eyes get really big~ as she fans through 350 pages~ sheContinue reading “350 Pages”

My lil blue lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron I can’t say its somethingI had to master or practice The ability to control wordscontort and twist them to my flowhas always been my special power Some would call it a giftAlthough I don’t recall receiving itI say it’s my hideaway I’ve been inside these lil blue lines So many timesContinue reading “My lil blue lines”

The lonely Poems

I use to have boxes of poems That meant the world to me Every night I’d fall asleep With my notebook next to me Throughout my teens My poetry was a safe place to be The older I got the less I wrote Working and paying bills took over my poems would be forgotten InContinue reading “The lonely Poems”


3 poems that made me stronger Excalibur Stick stones may break bones But words are just words They could never hurt me My pen laughs at that statement As I sharpen it’s tip Against the stones Life has thrown at me My accuracy is scary I barely have to try The pen just glides ToContinue reading “Metamorphosis”

Fall Apart

Written by Destiny Bergeron lost in a lovers leap fell hard but it was sweet. now I stand broken at your feet. wondering if you’ve seen me? or did I fail you like I did me? this isn’t who I want to be we tried and failed miserably. so I’m gonna gather up what’s leftContinue reading “Fall Apart”