Trying to write life right……..

Rhetorical — February 19, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron 

Feels like I’m chasing time

Or maybe it’s  racing me

Is it my friend or an enemy

Do fight or defend

Is it a game I can win

Or am I pissing in the wind

Do I have a hand to play with

or is the deck stacked against me

Rhetorical  head spinning

Chicken or the egg

questioning of my conscience

leaves me no closer to knowing

where my purpose is

Times still ticking

feels like I’ve been

Behind most of my life

Trying to find my stride

But it just keeps passing my by

Lost Lines — February 14, 2018

Lost Lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

To the lines of the past that believed in fairytales and dreams

I never woulda wrote you knowing

One day you’d be lost forever

I remember a title or a a couple of key words

but like the names of certain faces and the connections

that once meant everything

What I once wrote are fuzzy memories now

The poems that shaped my life when I was a girl

They looked at the world with hope

Now I see it for what it’s  worth

I learn it’s  hard enough to just

Keep your head above water

As I grew my poems stopped

Hoping and began knowing

Hope means nothing

You have to work for everything

So to my words of the past that wished for the happy ever after

It’s time to get your shit together


I wrote most in my teens ……Now Im over thirty…life has taught me dreams don’t come true

Unless you live em


Lost Thought — March 1, 2017

Lost Thought

Thick as my thoughts
Fixed on my faults
I have been running for too long
All of this is cardio has made my heart strong
I come from the jungle
so your roads
Are a walk in the park
Compared to the darkness
I live in
those demons who chase you
are my friends
The rain that you’re about
to drownd in
Is my awaking
I wallow in the darkness
So when the sun shines
I never take it for granted