Trying to write life right……..

A Poets Wish — May 3, 2019

A Poets Wish

Written by Destiny Bergeron

What I want most

Is for people to have their own voice

I cant help but to wonder

if we all were automated

Emotion replaced by emoji

We don’t say what we think

we say what think is right

its not wrong to be different

The most amazing things

Are the ones we don’t understand

Exploration Is the foundation

to the unknown Wonders of the future

But you’ll never know if

If you cant think for yourself

If you sound like everyone else

Find what makes you different

And turn it into what makes you amazing

That might be the most cliche

Line I ever wrote

But its what I wish for most


We can’t accomplish anything if everyone has the same ideas

Peace of Winter  — March 26, 2019

Peace of Winter 

The day comes earlier

Birds fill the air

A chill is hanging on

To the back of the wind

As winter tries to linger

You see it’s defeat as the

Ground thaws beneath my feet

The need for mittens and hot chocolate deplete

As the sun steams whats left of winter off the streets

The trees start budding and the grass greens

The smell of the air becomes sweet

As a New Englander  I see

a sadness to winters defeat

knowing the peace it carries

The quiet snow is replaced with crashing rain and echoing thunder

The calm placid river rages full of winters leftovers

I wouldn’t be so happy

to let the peace of winter go

If i didn’t know it would return

We are locked in this endless cycle

Helpless as the world turns

Nightmares of a Poet  — January 29, 2019

Nightmares of a Poet 

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I’m sunbathing on the beach

The world crumbles under my feet

I start to see the will of humanity

get washed out by the sea

Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry

On my beach, the horizon is all I see

Or is it a tsunami

cuz, it seems to be

taking over the sky

Our planet doesn’t care

if we live or die

And it would be

smart to end our time

We are very selfish beings

That put wealth above

the ground we walk on

Billions of kinds of different life

has lived without destroying eachother or our planet

like we are doing

When the wave starts to black out the sun I wake up

Wondering if my dream

Is a warning of what’s to come

Maybe it’s a metaphor

for my own life

I wipe the tears from my eyes knowing the fear I felt

wasn’t only mine

What do you see

when you dream of mankind

Time — November 1, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s always ticking

Never slows or quickens

You think if you start running

You may be able to get ahead of it

But it’s relentlessly constant

Closing in on your existence

It never sleeps will catch up

to you as you dream

Snatching you back to reality

like tic toc b@*#h it’s me

You could run your whole life

But everyone runs outta time

Mirror — October 20, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron
I grip the pen

Knowing I might not
Be able to handle
The words
Storming in
I brace for the worse
The flow thickens
The darker it gets
It’s like my pen sticks
To the page,
It hurts the words
That I didn’t have the strength
to say
Paper soaked in

my never agains

It’s amazing sometimes
These words of mine
What I find
When the page is
staring back at me
It’s not always

what I want to see

But it’s me
Kryptonite — October 11, 2018


My words can get pretty graphic,

When she’s the topic,

I am transfixed

In her lips,

Lost in her grip,

All sinces are redirected

towards her direction,

She knows I’m helpless

and plays with my ambitions,

I wanna know her every secret,

Search her like an unknown world,

Learn  the language of her soul,

Explore the parts of her

that make her beautiful,

Try to make her feel a fraction

of the reaction her love causes,

She is the variable that completes

my equation,

I could go on for pages

but it would all have the same reasoning,

She’s completely amazing.

Page-Strength — August 1, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron

The clouds are rolling in~

Darkening as they
Pile up against the wind~

I look to the sky~
And just grab my pen~

Knowing it’s the only thing,

that can control it

Soon as the tip hits the paper, Lightning crashes

And the words thunder
On to the paper

I don’t know how it has the strength to brave the storm

Bestow — June 28, 2018
Beautifully Flawed — June 23, 2018

Beautifully Flawed

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Flawed only by my own design

My scars I don’t try to hide
I wear them with a warriors pride
There’s things about me
I wish I could change
They’re probably all the things
You want to stay the same
My simpleton ways
And my Teflon heart
Are the foundation
I built myself up on
You can stand opon
All the pretty things
You think makes you stronger
I’ll keep trusting my scarred heart
It’s gotten me this far
Forrest Gumping — May 11, 2018

Forrest Gumping

Give me chance to catchup

My heart is pounding

My legs are cramping

My breath is non -existent

I just need a second

That I’m not running

One moment when the world isn’t passing me by

A lapse in time

To stop the spinning of my mind

A break in the relentless pace of life

Feels like, if I stop,

I might fall flat

on my face this time

So I’m gonna try

my hardest to keep stride

Forrest Gump my way thru life