The Hunt — March 3, 2018

The Hunt

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Know I don’t scare easily

Your a savage you feast

but I see the beauty in the beast

Despite those you have lost the fight

Beneath your sheets

I’m not weak

You take what you plz

Leave them in pieces

For hearts you are a fein

You think I’m like the rest

I’ll be begging on my knees

Well do what you please

I’m stronger than you think

I enjoy the hunt

You think I’m the prey

You dont realise how far I can run

You’ll be be hunting this heart forever

And that’s just what I want

Conquered  — May 19, 2017


You climbed the walls of my heart

Called out the one in charge

And Demanded the love you deserve

All my walls no matter

how high or strong

couldn’t stop her

I have been conquered

Now shes my queen

And my life belongs to her

She guards my heart

like it’s worth

All the gold in the world

And helps me build the life

I  always wished for

My smile is her sunshine

So when it rains

she helps wipe

the tears from my eyes

When it storms

she braced my shores

and makes sure

I have all I need to keep warm

Which is  her by my side and nothing more