Fall Apart  — August 11, 2017

Fall Apart 

lost in a lovers leap

fell hard but it was sweet

now I stand broken 

at your feet

wondering if

 you’ve seen me

or did I fail you

 like I did me

this isn’t who I want to be

we tried and failed miserably 

so I’m gonna gather  

whats left of me up 

and leave you with nothing 

 but what use to be 

I hang my head in defeat

broken and sore from

 trying to pull us back together 

there’s  parts of me

 that will always be yours

and pieces of you I’ll never let go

though we fell for eachother

we fell apart not together   


Banished  — May 22, 2017


Don’t even, you’re absolutely

Out of your mind

Poking around my life as if

You didn’t destroy it

Admiring my resilient ways

How I  picked up my broken pieces

And put them back together again

Better than you ever imagined

I told you that you are banished

You can only admire my existence

From a distance

Forgiveness is not an option

pitty gets you nothing

keep on wishing

You never took me for granted

The mistreatment of my love

Is forbidding

Now you must the consequence