Writer’s Magic

I write compulsively  It relaxes me  like a smoke after work Writing quiets my mind  So I can hear my sole Truth be told It can be a double edge sword Having a written record Of every mistake we’ve made A complete account of  our fallen love All my Regrets of misplaced trust Can getContinue reading “Writer’s Magic”

A Poet’s wish

Written by Destiny Bergeron  Maybe I can one day write something   somebody finds their self in A poem that holds a moment  you lost a long time ago Maybe my words could soften someone’s sorrow Write the rhyme that leads to a better tomorrow   If my words could  Help at least one lost heart  findContinue reading “A Poet’s wish”

Anxiety (Am I At Sea)

Written by Destiny Bergeron Three fifty threeMy thoughts are as loud as can beCrashing against my chestIt gets A Lil hard to breatheNot shaking but ShakeyLike there’s an oceanInside of meAnd my reality Isjust floating On surfaceHelpless to the currentSo I just go with itGrab my penAnd write till I can’t seeTill my words areContinue reading “Anxiety (Am I At Sea)”

Nightmares of a Poet

Written by Destiny Bergeron I’m sunbathing on the beach Suddenly!!! The world start crumbling under my feet In the distance I can see I start to see the will of humanity getting washed out by the sea Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry the horizon seems to to rise Or is it a tsunamiContinue reading “Nightmares of a Poet”

Page strength

Written by Destiny Bergeron I write to find the lightWhen the dark seems to bewinning the fightI hold these words of mineAs close as the heart that beatsinside my chestthe voices in my headScreaming against the windThey stir up my wordsthe flow starts to quickenWhen I grab my penthunder crashesThe blank pageis like the eyeContinue reading “Page strength”

Writers Prelude

Written by Destiny Bergeron These words are my own Their origins are my mind heart and soul Inspired by life my mind fills with lines, Searches for words that might unite mankind my heart beats the rythem of my love it decides who I trust and how much they are aloud to see My soulContinue reading “Writers Prelude”

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising According to the law of physics The hotter it gets the more pressure is created Are we strong enough to resist Exploding or  imploding Like so many failed attempts before Do we have the variables needed And the patience to figure out the equation Love isn’t a science I’m starting toContinue reading “Boyle’s Law”

Fall Apart

Written by Destiny Bergeron lost in a lovers leap fell hard but it was sweet. now I stand broken at your feet. wondering if you’ve seen me? or did I fail you like I did me? this isn’t who I want to be we tried and failed miserably. so I’m gonna gather up what’s leftContinue reading “Fall Apart”

My lil blue lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron I can’t say its somethingI had to master or practice The ability to control wordscontort and twist them to my flowhas always been my special power Some would call it a giftAlthough I don’t recall receiving itI say it’s my hideaway I’ve been inside these lil blue lines So many timesContinue reading “My lil blue lines”

Rhyme and Reason

Written by Destiny Bergeron The one rhyme  I could never find The only words to escape the confines  Of my lil blue lines Is the one that gives  reason to my rhymes  I can recite poems I wrote  Before I knew who I was  or how to love Before my heart ever broke Before IContinue reading “Rhyme and Reason”