Excalibur 2

Written by Destiny Bergeron Stick stones may break bones But words are just words They could never hurt me My pen laughs at that statement As I sharpen it’s tip Against the stones Life has thrown at me My accuracy is scary I barely have to try The pen just glides To the next lineContinue reading “Excalibur 2”

Natural Beauty

Finding the words for her Is torture Nothing ever comes close My best comparison is Standing at the summit of a mountain  Looking out into the beauty  Of the wilderness  for a moment you get a notion  Of Just how small you are  How your happiness  is the last thing  this universe should  care aboutContinue reading “Natural Beauty”

Afraid to Fly

Written by Destiny Bergeron My hearts afraid of heightsSo I seldomly tryTo reach for the skyIdk whyyou make me want to flyI cannot keep my feet on the groundWhere I feel so safe and soundYou make me move differentlyWith certainty and purposeEverything happens for a reasonAnd I don’t know what ours isbut I know it’sContinue reading “Afraid to Fly”


Perception is everything This is one flat piece of iron The sun and shadowsPlaying with your mindsimple yet inspiringBeautiful and ominousPerfect lines create a feast for eyesA sense of harmony in the designSacred geometry because it automaticallyIntrigues your mind forcing youTo see the possibilities in life

The First Page

Written by Destiny Bergeron Hi, Im Destiny this is your first day Let’s open to the first page hope you’re up for all that’s coming your way just know you won’t go to waist every line will be used every margin will have doodles in it being my notebook is no easy gig you wereContinue reading “The First Page”


I didn’t know why my Pen went dry, till I started reading my old poems. One written in the 9th grade almost brought me to my knees…. I reached for my Pen instead I have to thank the WordPress community for giving my poetry a safe home. Recently went through a writing drought. Return WrittenContinue reading “Return”

Rhyme and Reason

Written by Destiny Bergeron The one rhyme  I could never find The only words to escape the confines  Of my lil blue lines Is the one that gives  reason to my rhymes  I can recite poems I wrote  Before I knew who I was  or how to love Before my heart ever broke Before IContinue reading “Rhyme and Reason”

Change of Heart

Written by Destiny Bergeron  I swear you linger~ Like winter ice~ Freezing to the edges of my mind~ Hardening the ground of my soul~ Cooling my blood~ So I can adapt to living~ without your touch~ I know not to try to fallow you~ Chasing the sun is impossible~ So I have to let youContinue reading “Change of Heart”

Shakespeare and Newton

How is it We always come back to this… As if our love was written To Shakespearean script Forbidden and stupid Starcrossed and twisted Existing only in friction We are a mess of affection And affliction Magnetic only because Of our opposite energies Our elements react unpredictability Exposing our chemistry Only for us to alwaysContinue reading “Shakespeare and Newton”

Rise and Shine

Morning sun having fun with the horizon Stars still shine at he top of sky, while the clouds get set on fire The trees look black standing in each other shadows Making the sun seem even brighter As they border the universe’s artwork Some days the clouds are too thick and might you forget, justContinue reading “Rise and Shine”