Trying to write life right……..

Time — November 1, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s always ticking

Never slows or quickens

You think if you start running

You may be able to get ahead of it

But it’s relentlessly constant

Closing in on your existence

It never sleeps will catch up

to you as you dream

Snatching you back to reality

like tic toc b@*#h it’s me

You could run your whole life

But everyone runs outta time

My Nevers — October 10, 2018

My Nevers

Why do we always try for forever

When it’s never that we really want

Never put someone else before the one you love

Never disrespect or take for granted

Never go astray

Never think of me a different way

Never look at me with pity

or hurt me on purpose

Never deny me your kisses

Or stop wanting mine

Never stop needing me to make it right

Never want me to leave

Never think I’m weak

Never stop trying to figure me out

Never use my insecurities against me

Never walk ahead or behind me

never be out of my reach

I could go on for an eternity

of never it would take to get my forever

Beautifully Flawed — June 23, 2018

Beautifully Flawed

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Flawed only by my own design

My scars I don’t try to hide
I wear them with a warriors pride
There’s things about me
I wish I could change
They’re probably all the things
You want to stay the same
My simpleton ways
And my Teflon heart
Are the foundation
I built myself up on
You can stand opon
All the pretty things
You think makes you stronger
I’ll keep trusting my scarred heart
It’s gotten me this far
Skewed Views — May 12, 2018

Skewed Views

The Daily Post writing prompt

Written by Destiny Bergeron

My pride is skewed~

Aren’t we the ones who~

Founded freedom?

The news feeds me

half truths & full lies…

Skewed by thier corporate doners contributions…

War mongroling bobble head puppets…

That forget~ The reason

they became journalist!!!!!

Thier existance Skewed into the establishment way of thinking ~

By the increased increments in thier paychecks

Thier repoting is

Skewed more & more

By greed than truths

Insight…..Don’t fallow the

WAR DRUM….. sorry to get political skewed…. just makes me think of mainstream media

Scipted — April 5, 2018




Written by Destiny Bergeron

  I once knew a girl whose smile

Could rival the sunshine

A heart she just started knowing

She was young and innocent

One cold December eavning

rain freezing into ice

right before her eyes

her car slid of the road

hit a snowbank got flipped over

She woke 3 days later

family all around her

She tried to smile

all she really suffered

was a broken femer

She looked down at the IV

I broke my leg I dont feel a thing

Her mom says

“thats cuz they got

you all dope up kid”

Her eyes rolled,

she wanted to keep talking

But the medicine released

and she fell fast asleep

For 2 wks she drifted

in and out conscious

Till the medicine affects weakened

She started to coversate

and smile again

Finally cleared for physical therapy

She was sent home to continue her recovery

With her Dr’s strict scipt of 2oxicotten

Twice a day or as needed

When her bones healed

but a she was scarred deep within

Supposed  to be all better now

well, why cant she sleep

why is it impossible to eat

Why does she have this anxiety inside so deep

it hurts to breathe

She remembers how the pills the Dr. gave her always made her drowsy

She finds a bottle lost in her dresser

Pops 2 now everything

is all of a sudden better

She can eat

she can think

she can breathe and soon

she’ll be fast asleep

in the morning

she’s surprised by

feelings like shit

Her body hurts shes irritable

And then the nausea sets in

Her skin feels like it’s crawling of lil bugs nipping at her nerves

She doesn’t  want to go back to the hospital

Maybe pop one them and draw out the pain

One helps a lil bit

Calms the nausea and nipping

At her nerves

She still cant eat so pop

One more

The irritability and the crawling of her skin still rampid

Somethings wrong but one more should fix it

Now she’s feeling herself again

Now she’s addicted

But she needs it

She goes on till the whole bottle doesn’t help her

Refills disappear

Then shes follows down a road

that would never be possible

If she didnt have that script

from the Dr

Now she lost searching

In coldest places

her processions are the first to go her boddy and soul are soon to follow

the girl that rivaled the sunshine..was to far gone for anyone to reach

became dull and cold

you could barley see her

Not until she got locked away

did she find herself again

Hard to hide in 8×10

She was released from prisson

without a prescription

And smiled that amazing smile

For the first time

in quite while

ready to take on her life

All though she doesn’t need the pills to make to  it right

she will bare the scars

for rest of her life

Her addiction she always have to fight


World of words — March 21, 2018

World of words

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

Long ago when I was just girl

I began building my castle

Fortified by the sticks and stones

of my words

All alone I built my fortress

till I could see

My castle was only

the center of a never ending world

My rhymes took on a life of their own

the ever changing altitude of love Carving mountains and oceans
Desserts and unlivable terrain  created by my loneliness and pain

Artic winds of never agains,

I told you so’s and what were you thinkings

Beautiful wilderness where love has the chance to grow again

Waterfalls of my words

Run into rivers of my flow

I stand alone in center of this world

High upon my fortress of words

Rhyming my life into existence

Words Pour — March 14, 2018

Words Pour

I feel it start to perspire

Damping the walls of my soul
Everything starts to sweat

My heart becomes cloudy
The flow builds up till it pours

seems like the rain last forever
I let it build till I’m

about to drownd in it
Till I’m mumbling rhymes

in my sleep
Till I’m  freestyling walking

down the street


when this pen is in my grip

My soul pours through it
Just like the rain pours from the clouds

No telling how hard it’s gonna rain

There is no radar for the soul tho

So I do my best to catch

the words as the pour

Time — March 3, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s always ticking

Never slows or quickens

You think if you start running

You maybe able to get ahead of it

But it’s relentlessly constant

Closing in on your existence

It never sleeps will catch up

to you as you dream

Snatching you back to reality

like tic toc b@*#h it’s me

You could run your whole life

But everyone runs outta time

Behind What You See — March 2, 2018

Behind What You See

Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s behind what you see

It’s what use to be

Amongst mangled trees

And rustling leaves

Twisted decaying memories

Of what lies beneath

Souls forgotten still walking

They are condemned

by the evil that took them

If you dare walk this path alone

Keep your eyes forth

Don’t focus on the shadows

Or the noises that are unexplainable

If you see a woman who says

She knows which what to go

Don’t fallow her

If you didn’t grow up here you

Might of never heard

stories of the woman

who can’t walk alone

These woods belong to her

And the souls that trusted her

Now they walk with her behind

what use to be forever


Urban legend in my neighborhood about an old creepy abandoned road leading to Saints of Providence mental hospital .

Lost Lines — February 14, 2018

Lost Lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

To the lines of the past that believed in fairytales and dreams

I never woulda wrote you knowing

One day you’d be lost forever

I remember a title or a a couple of key words

but like the names of certain faces and the connections

that once meant everything

What I once wrote are fuzzy memories now

The poems that shaped my life when I was a girl

They looked at the world with hope

Now I see it for what it’s  worth

I learn it’s  hard enough to just

Keep your head above water

As I grew my poems stopped

Hoping and began knowing

Hope means nothing

You have to work for everything

So to my words of the past that wished for the happy ever after

It’s time to get your shit together


I wrote most in my teens ……Now Im over thirty…life has taught me dreams don’t come true

Unless you live em