The First Page

Written by Destiny Bergeron Hi, Im Destiny this is your first day Let’s open to the first page hope you’re up for all that’s coming your way just know you won’t go to waist every line will be used every margin will have doodles in it being my notebook is no easy gig you wereContinue reading “The First Page”


I didn’t know why my Pen went dry, till I started reading my old poems. One written in the 9th grade almost brought me to my knees…. I reached for my Pen instead I have to thank the WordPress community for giving my poetry a safe home. Recently went through a writing drought. Return WrittenContinue reading “Return”

The lonely Poems

I use to have boxes of poems That meant the world to me Every night I’d fall asleep With my notebook next to me Throughout my teens My poetry was a safe place to be The older I got the less I wrote Working and paying bills took over my poems would be forgotten InContinue reading “The lonely Poems”


3 poems that made me stronger Excalibur Stick stones may break bones But words are just words They could never hurt me My pen laughs at that statement As I sharpen it’s tip Against the stones Life has thrown at me My accuracy is scary I barely have to try The pen just glides ToContinue reading “Metamorphosis”

Page strength

Written by Destiny Bergeron I write to find the lightWhen the dark seems to bewinning the fightI hold these words of mineAs close as the heart that beatsinside my chestthe voices in my headScreaming against the windThey stir up my wordsthe flow starts to quickenWhen I grab my penthunder crashesThe blank pageis like the eyeContinue reading “Page strength”