Yours — July 28, 2018


I use to believe~
To love completely~
You have to fall hopelessly~
Surrender your heart willingly~
That led me to wherever~
They let me go~
Picking up the broken pieces~
 till I’m whole~
Now I know to never let go~
Always keep your heart close~
Love what makes it grow~
Who knows your heart~
Will always be yours~
Discover — July 24, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
Walls are made to fall~

But we build them up high~
And hide behind them~
Like we’re strong~
Strength comes from knowledge~
It’s knowing~
you’re not broken~
But hurting~
no one is perfect~
No matter how much~
we want them to be~
the appitamy~
of what you think~
love should be~
A fairy tale dream~
You’ll have nothing but~
a glass slipper forever~
Love is the discovery~
of ones Soul~
not a heart to be conquered~
Theia — July 22, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron

The distance is vast

But our paths
Are set on an orbit
We crashed together long ago
Almost destroyed each other’s world
Now we’re whole again
Looking up
At the sky wanting more
My heart use to build
Sculptures of your form
Praying for your wamrth to return
The light that finds me now
is pale in comparison
Dull,and lacking
life providing nutrients
Like the moon trying to be sunlight
It’s just not right
I’ve studied the skies
Trying to find
the next time we’ll be aligned
It’s like trying to predict
Witch star will fall tonight
Boyle’s Law — July 17, 2018

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising

According to the law of physics

The hotter it gets
the more pressure is created
Are we strong enough not to
Explode or emplode
Like so many failed attempts before
Do we have the variables needed
And the patience to figure out the equation
Love isn’t a science
I’m starting to think different
We try so hard but we can’t
Change who we are
We just gotta keep making since
Inorder to make it
Fallen Pieces — July 2, 2018

Fallen Pieces

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I gotta give my pen props

Hasn’t jotted your name
In a couple of days
It holds a lot in
And when
It remembers you
It doesn’t forget
Your not here for a reason
I think of you as
A lesson learned
A battle won, cuz,
You had no reason to love me
And somehow you did better
Than the ones that chose me
We were thrown together
As the world crumbled

We held

on to each other
Cuz it was the only life
We could see
Fallen pieces
Like a jigsaw puzzle
You caught mine and
I caught yours
We put each other back together
Once we were whole
We were strong enough
To let us go
Star-Crossed — June 20, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Looking up at the night sky

if you
Wonder about me
Our lives might as be
as distant
As those stars twinkling
Shakespharian and hopeless
The nights soft wind
Is the closest thing
to your sent
If a falling stars can grant a wish
Than I wish,
for them all to
fall right now so I can
wish for you
over and over again
Happy Ever After — May 31, 2018

Happy Ever After

Written by Destiny Bergeron

When were young

We’re told fairytales
Of love Rising above
Life’s varieties of evil
Good will always over come bad and
We all live happily ever after
Truth is love a massacre

Ever fairytale has a more sinister


In the original Cinderella the evil sisters cut off their toes and heel

To fit the class slipper

But Cinderellas’ bird friends fly around

The sisters trickery. So the Prince sees the blood dripping from the slipper

I guess to me, it means that you can cut yourself up,but if it’s not love

You’ll never fit that Glass slipper

No matter how much you try to change

Your heart remains the same

What’s Right — May 27, 2018

What’s Right

Written by Destiny Bergeron


many times have we tried~
And always end up hurting each other~
Like our so called love gives us the right~
Truth you’re the love of my life~
My loyalty is yours beyond time~
Beyond entitlement or pride~
It’s instinctual, primal~
We try to do what’s right~
And we fall every time~
Right into each other~
Without reserve or any time for air~
It’s like heroin~
We can’t do it in moderation~
Its all or nothing~
So I have to give you up~
This isn’t funtional~
We’re can’t live off~
consuming each other~
Even if we could eat forever~
I can’t Dance chapter 5 — May 22, 2018

I can’t Dance chapter 5

Written by Destiny Bergeron

So tonight is the night!!!
We will forget our drama filled lives~

And try to have good time
I get her her tootie fruity drink
She buys my draft~

Find table by the dance floor
There’s this old guy going h.a.m
Showing up everybody up
She stands up starts cheering
For the oldtimer

I can tell she wants to dance
Her lovely latin hipsdon’t lie

So I ask her to dance~

Knowing I can’t dance at all
She just grabs my hand
and run out on the floor~

She’s getting really close
I warn her remember I’m a lesbian…..
I might like this a too much!!!!

She acts as if she can’t hear me
I lean in to repeat my joke
And she kisses me on the cheek
Then whispers thank you in my ear~

Honestly there was about 200 people on that dance floor but my memory only sees her…

The bar is thinning out and so
Are my friendly defenses
She literally had to ask me to kiss
to kiss her….I peck her on lips
affaid my beer breath will ruin our first kiss and as if on cue
The lights turn on, barter yells out last call~

We stumble thru her front door
Fully intoxicated
She always sleeps on the couch
I sleep on a mattrice on the floor
I act as if everthings normal slept over her house 20 times before

I start to make my bed
She hops in the shower
I begin to roll our bedtime blunt
We make it through one rotation
Before… We’re making out like highshcool teenagers

This time we didn’t get much sleep AGAIN my respect for her will not me from elaborating any further~

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Chapter4 We Just Do — May 20, 2018

Chapter4 We Just Do

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I wake up to her calling my

Phone. Which is weird cuz, she always text

Shes crying, saying plz tell your home. I immediately ask whats wrong….And she just says I’m in trouble

I say come get me

She says don’t think I’m crazy

But I’m already in your driveway

First time I seen her without

A smile…it was heartbreaking

I was in pajamas sitting the front seat of suv . Its raining hard pounding on the hood

She said do you think

I’m weird for coming here

I said I’m happy you did

She said I barely know you

So I shouldn’t put this shit on you

I say … Don’t think it’s just you

I trust you with my shit too

We have no reason to, we just do

So wtf is wrong with you

Why are you crying

Saying your in trouble

Then she explained to me

She’s being charged w/a felony

—I respect this woman, more than any other person in my life…..
so I will not elaborate any further towards her charges———————-

what scared me the most. The charges didn’t scare her…she was more scared of her childrens father finding out…Looking back now. Making me nail the basement door shut was really smart

This Man spent 8 outta 15 yrs they were together incarcerated

Only to come home and do the same thing… that made her have to raise the boys on her own….their oldest son was 9at when I met Her

I was there I witnessed her

Pick up the pieces and keep strong

For her children

Never denying them their father

But she held her ground and proved to him she was moving on

I get her smile

By saying the neighbors

Probably think we’re getting freaky

Behind these steamed up windows

She says oh yeah… and starts moaning out the window

I wail on the horn so

Nobody hears her lol

She said they’re defiantly look now

Wanna go out this weekend

Try to forget about all bad things

just have fun no drama

That sounds so good right now

The kids are with the dad next weekend to so it’s perfect don’t

Need to ask my niece to sit

I try my hardest not to scream yes

A hundred times

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