Blame — August 17, 2018


I’m not a saint

Rather set in my ways,
Afraid of change
Those who know me

would say

She’s always been the same
Not use to taking the blame

Being the one that needs to change

There no, sadness
no disappointment
Just regrets
You know you can’t fix it
Nor do you deserve to try again
Like getting caught stealing
when you were a kid
You better go give
that heart back
And apologize for taking
something that wasn’t yours
Shame knows my name
And is with me

every step I take

My heart has been broken before

So I can’t believe I inflicted that pain on another

Watching your heart break
In my hands is my own

Self-made is torture

Shakespeare and Newton — August 16, 2018

Shakespeare and Newton

How is it

we always come back to this
As if our love is written
To a Shakespharian script
Forbidden and stupid
Starcrossed and twisted
Existing only in friction
We are a mess of affection
And affliction
Magnetic only because
Of our opposite energy
Our elements react differently
Exposing our chemistry
Only for us to always be a theory
Even though we
affect each other like gravity
The Villain — August 12, 2018

The Villain

Written By Destiny Bergeron
               The Villain
I questioned your measures.
Thought we were,
 just two strangers
 in the wind
My mistreatment of your presence was cowardly and ignorant
My consumption of your senses,
 bounded you to my existence
 Your love was
full-hearted and honest
Mine was weak, to say the least
 I never wanted us to be
 more than a maybe
The thought of you
 loving terrified me
Now that you’re gone
I see all that we could be
Hindsight is alway’s 20\20
I’m not going to apologize
Try to act like
I can make things right
I’m a hypocrite, a crook that took, your heart knowing,
I wasn’t strong enough to hold it
So that makes me the villain
You can never take
a heart for granted
Romeo — August 8, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

The heart doesn’t listen at all~
Sometimes it’s like talking to a wall~
You make your plea~
begging, please~
Don’t jump it’s not worth it~
but it just~
leaps, head first~
screaming but I love her~
Likes some kinda Romeo~
In reality~
Its better compared to Poe~

Lying in pieces broken and alone~

Repeating Nevermore over and over~

Rigged — August 4, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
The honest truth

Is the more you love someone
The more they can hurt you
Disappointment is greater
When it comes from
Someone you trust
It’s the ugly side of love
no one speaks of
It’s ability to just
Morph into something dangerous
Something so far from love
It becomes who can hurt who more,
Who’s right, who’s life is more messed up because
they chose to love the other
Well this Lil poet won’t lie
Nope I’m gonna write it right
Love is not
all rainbows and butterflies
99% of the time
Your not gonna survive the fall
But it’s that one chance at forever
We’re all searching for
Yours — July 28, 2018


I use to believe~
To love completely~
You have to fall hopelessly~
Surrender your heart willingly~
That led me to wherever~
They let me go~
Picking up the broken pieces~
 till I’m whole~
Now I know to never let go~
Always keep your heart close~
Love what makes it grow~
Who knows your heart~
Will always be yours~
Discover — July 24, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron
Walls are made to fall~

But we build them up high~
And hide behind them~
Like we’re strong~
Strength comes from knowledge~
It’s knowing~
you’re not broken~
But hurting~
no one is perfect~
No matter how much~
we want them to be~
the appitamy~
of what you think~
love should be~
A fairy tale dream~
You’ll have nothing but~
a glass slipper forever~
Love is the discovery~
of ones Soul~
not a heart to be conquered~
Theia — July 22, 2018


Written By Destiny Bergeron

The distance is vast

But our paths
Are set on an orbit
We crashed together long ago
Almost destroyed each other’s world
Now we’re whole again
Looking up
At the sky wanting more
My heart use to build
Sculptures of your form
Praying for your wamrth to return
The light that finds me now
is pale in comparison
Dull,and lacking
life providing nutrients
Like the moon trying to be sunlight
It’s just not right
I’ve studied the skies
Trying to find
the next time we’ll be aligned
It’s like trying to predict
Witch star will fall tonight
Boyle’s Law — July 17, 2018

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising

According to the law of physics

The hotter it gets
the more pressure is created
Are we strong enough not to
Explode or emplode
Like so many failed attempts before
Do we have the variables needed
And the patience to figure out the equation
Love isn’t a science
I’m starting to think different
We try so hard but we can’t
Change who we are
We just gotta keep making since
Inorder to make it
Fallen Pieces — July 2, 2018

Fallen Pieces

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I gotta give my pen props

Hasn’t jotted your name
In a couple of days
It holds a lot in
And when
It remembers you
It doesn’t forget
Your not here for a reason
I think of you as
A lesson learned
A battle won, cuz,
You had no reason to love me
And somehow you did better
Than the ones that chose me
We were thrown together
As the world crumbled

We held

on to each other
Cuz it was the only life
We could see
Fallen pieces
Like a jigsaw puzzle
You caught mine and
I caught yours
We put each other back together
Once we were whole
We were strong enough
To let us go