Trying to write life right……..

Chemistry — April 23, 2019


Written By Destiny Bergeron

I must look away
Like you’re the sun
Too hot too touch
That is obvious
But I must even if
we just blow up
Smh and just walk away
Knowing my place
Plane Jane
Ts and sneaks
You glow with beauty
But I see the heat
Comes from deep beneath
Like a volcano
Or the embers of a fire
Organic no additives needed
My origins is grounded
My Earth tones are dull
compared to hers
I don’t glow,I flow
Like the wind I feed the fire
Like rain I keep the flames
from engulfing us both
Alchemy of hearts
Perfected by trial and error
After so many failed attempts
I found it was possible for true
Love to exist

Heart Speaks — April 1, 2019

Heart Speaks

when I love someone

I give my life to them

I let them hold my heart

in their hands

I grant them total access

To all the forbidden parts of me

My fears my hopes and my dreams

I never let go

till they’re already gone  forever

and my heart is scared to be

back with me

Keeps reaching for them

I try to consoul it

tell it’s ok to be alone

Then it says I know this

Wtf  were you thinking

thought we were friends

You just gave me away

Like I was nothing

I know I’m not perfect

But I’m the only

heart you’ll ever get

You should be more careful with me

I know you’ve always been a good friend, never letting forget what makes me, me

Speaking up for good in me

I was fallowing your lead

it wasn’t all me

You wanted to go

when I let you go

you jump so fast

all I saw was a blur

The next time we both know

To bring a rope

So when we jump

I can always pull you home


Rigged — March 27, 2019


Written by Destiny Bergeron

The honest truth is

the more you love someone

The more they can hurt you
Disappointment is greater
When it comes from
Someone you trust
It’s the ugly side of love
no one speaks of
It’s ability to just
Morph into something dangerous
Something so far from love
It becomes who can hurt who more,
Who’s right, who’s life is more messed up because
they chose to love the other
Well this Lil poet won’t lie
Nope I’m gonna write it right
Love is not
all rainbows and butterflies
99% of the time
You’re not gonna survive the fall
But it’s that one chance at forever
We’re all searching for
Kryptonite — March 20, 2019


Written by Destiny Bergeron

You’re my kryptonite

My pen falls to you every time

The one rhyme I can’t get right

Paralyzed by just a smile

Brought to my knees

With one touch of your hand

My pen is trembling

Trying to make you understand

Somethings have no definition

Truth is, I wrote this poem

The first night kissed

And I’ll write it over and over again

If I’m the luckiest girl to ever exist

Stirring The Pot — March 13, 2019

Stirring The Pot

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I’m lost in my thought~

You ought not be that hot~

caught up in all you got…

Call it what you want~

Just plz don’t stop!!!

I’m starting to plot~

More things I should not

The heat you’re giving off~

Has got me all distraught~

I’m about to raise the pot….

Try to keep your shirt on…..

Or maybe not~

Ok now I’ll stop~


I wrote this because…Flirting is fun….

Star-Crossed — February 2, 2019


Looking up at the night sky

if you
Wonder about me
Our lives might as be
as distant
As those stars twinkling
Shakespharian and hopeless
The nights soft wind
Is the closest thing
to your sent
If a falling stars can grant a wish
Than I wish,
for them all to
fall right now so I can
wish for you
over and over again
LOST — February 1, 2019


Lost it all

Lost my grip

Lost my since

Lost myself

Lost in war

Lost my morals

Lost my faith

Lost my ways

Lost my fears

Lost my tears

Lost my doubt

Lost my life

Lost when I tried

Lost when I’m with you

Lost without you

Lost because of you

Lost everything

Lost searching

Lost love

Lost pain

Lost shame

Lost days

Lost again

Lost we all have been

Before — January 19, 2019


Written by Destiny Bergeron 

Have you ever been broken-

And afraid everyone can see ?

Screaming into the dark~

That ravished your world.

Till your screams turn to cries~

And you’re reduced to your knees.

That’s where I was~

when she found me.

And she wonders why~

I wonder ….what she sees in me~

I guess it was necessity ~

Honestly we had no reason~

To give eachother so much trust.

Fell in love in not even a month~

When I look back on us~

I see the universe work.

In the most profound way.

Crashed us tohether~

Right before~

the darkness~

took us forever~

As if the Universe knew

We’d survive

tearing eachother apart

That our hearts would reform

stronger than they were before

Insight…. I use to think of her as the one that got away

Now I know our purpose was greater~

I’m stronger

Anomaly of Hearts — January 11, 2019

Anomaly of Hearts

Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s beyond words~

No metaphors~

Or adverbs~

No sentence exist~

If you said you found one~

You’d be lying~

I got piles of poems trying~

But there’s no defining~

My pen feels helpless~

And my heart is disappointed~

With its every  attempt~

Fact is we don’t make since~

maybe its the anomaly~

That us keeps going~

makes us defy the physics

That say we’ll never make it~

Boyle’s Law — December 14, 2018

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising

According to the law of physics

The hotter it gets
the more pressure is created
Are we strong enough not to
Explode or emplode
Like so many failed attempts before
Do we have the variables needed
And the patience to figure out the equation
Love isn’t a science
I’m starting to think different
We try so hard but we can’t
Change who we are
We just gotta keep making since
Inorder to make it