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Words Pour — March 14, 2018

Words Pour

I feel it start to perspire

Damping the walls of my soul
Everything starts to sweat

My heart becomes cloudy
The flow builds up till it pours

seems like the rain last forever
I let it build till I’m

about to drownd in it
Till I’m mumbling rhymes

in my sleep
Till I’m  freestyling walking

down the street


when this pen is in my grip

My soul pours through it
Just like the rain pours from the clouds

No telling how hard it’s gonna rain

There is no radar for the soul tho

So I do my best to catch

the words as the pour

Tinder — May 22, 2017


screenshot_2017-02-20-01-12-23.pngI’m not use to letting go

Usually the one,                             Running  for the door

But you got me moving closer

You’re confidence contagious

You’re kiss is electric

Can’t help it if

You get me going

another moment would be too long

I’m done trying to be strong

You make feel like I belong

So right it can’t be wrong.                   It can only hurt as hard as I fall

Sound Ground — May 11, 2017

Sound Ground

This is my territory 

Don’t doubt me 

Actually it’s ok 

I’ll just unexpectedly 

Love you with honesty 

 And respect you unconditionally

Trust me and you will see

Your trust is all I need

Your fears are fictional

This is only 

the first chapter to our story

No matter what has the past holds 

We found eachother

and our future is unknown

So don’t be surprised by

me seeing the world 

in your eyes

Don’t get scared

 when your kiss

Gives me the chills

This is real 

I’m not going anywhere 

Unless you take me there

My Whisperer — April 22, 2017

My Whisperer

I was taught restrenght 

How not to give it all away 

She wouldn’t have it any other way 

I’m  not weak ask a single person 

That knows me 

They’d tell you I’m a beast 

 She has the ability 

  to tame me 

  but lets me be free

We see the beauty 

in how we don’t need 

eachother to be happy

She can’t resist me when

I’m winning

Loves most when I’m losing 

Gives me her hand for balanced

When I’m tripping 

I don’t what happened 

How life decided we make since

But I’ll search her forever 

to find the answer  

My professor of love, trust, and the heavens 

She contains oceans of knowledge

Chose me to be her captain 

She sees my love for her seas

Knows being lost to her

 makes me happy




Endless Rhymes  — April 9, 2017

Endless Rhymes 

I’m a simpleton 

With some complexities 

Fierce protector of my family 

A savage when I’m forced to be

Known to be a bit too froggy to leap

My heart beats like a stampede  

flow louder than some sour trees  

My mind is my worse enemy 

The only thing  that doubts me

My heart is my greatest fan

Loves the way I’m living

My soul just wants me to be happy 

And helps me dream Without possibilities 

I write what they say

Whoever is louder gets to go on the page

My insides are never in sync 

they are always fighting for my attention 

One saying go see the world

One telling me write more

The other saying work 

I tired to please them all

I’m sorry to the parts of me 

that feel you weren’t heard 

trust I feel you pounding in revolt 

the wieght of the day gets heavier  

And I fall fast asleep 

pen in hand notebook wide open 

A line left unfinished just abandoned 

When I wake, I try to get a trace 

of what my insides were trying to say

But it’s forgotten to a weary mind 

my scibbles in the night

 lost achives of endless rhymes 



Collision  Course  — April 3, 2017

Collision  Course 

Its a force  of nature a law of physics like  gravity

How we fall apart and together again

Without ever crashing

Just her core out weighs me

The moment I got too close

I was locked to her pull 

our path was set forever

When the everything is aligned

Or when it’s  way out of rhyme

We may light up each others night

But we’re just passing by

Our obit keeps us right

Although it’s gets harder 

to let her go ever time 

Which means one day we will collide

I hope we’re strong enough to survive 

The day we become you and I  

LOST — March 25, 2017


Lost it all

Lost my grip

Lost my since

Lost myself

Lost in war

Lost my morals

Lost my faith

Lost my ways

Lost my fears

Lost my tears

Lost my doubt

Lost my life

Lost when I tried

Lost when I’m with you

Lost without you

Lost because of you

Lost everything

Lost searching

Lost love

Lost pain

Lost shame

Lost days

Lost again

Lost all we could have been

Forrest Gumping — March 23, 2017

Forrest Gumping

Give me chance to catchup 

My heart is pounding 

My legs are cramping 

My breath is non -existent 

I just need a second

That I’m not running 

One moment when the world isn’t passing me by

A lapse in time

To stop the spinning of my mind

A break in the relentless pace of life

Feel like if I stop I might

Fall flat on my face this time

So I’m gonna try 

my hardest to keep stride

Forrest Gump my way thru life

Words Pour — March 22, 2017

Words Pour

I feel it start to perspire 

Damping the walls of my soul
Everything starts to sweat 

My heart becomes cloudy
The flow builds up till it pours  

seems like the rain last forever 
I let it build till I’m 

 about to drownd in it
Till I’m mumbling rhymes 

    in my sleep
Till I’m  freestyling walking 

down the street 


when this pen is in my grip

My soul pours through it
Just like the rain pours from the clouds 

No telling how hard it’s gonna rain

There is no radar for the soul tho

So I do my best to catch 

the words as the pour

Our Matriarch  — March 19, 2017

Our Matriarch 

I look back and I am awestricken

The absolute endearment 

In raising 9 children 

she held it with pride

My Mother is the strongest 

person I know 

She held us all together

And she did alone 

Dad cared but wasn’t always there

Addicted to heroin 

He tried his best

But she never put anything before us

Raising 9 children 

she wasn’t perfect

I don’t think I know someone who could of done it better

My words stumble 

when it comes to her 

Cuz she has helped build 

every piece of me 

I’m almost identical to her

From my eyes  

To my nose my knees 

Even the way my pinky toe turns inward 

I also was lucky enough to inherit 

Her fierce lioness approach to protecting her family

A switch that makes me stick up for someone that gets bullied 

She taught me that blood was thicker than water and no matter how bad you messed up 

you can always come home

Her morals and lessons 

carved the person I am

But fee like I’m missing so much 

Cuz She’s has done so much

She’s the mother of 9 

Got pregnant at 16

 Had my oldest sister Dec 28

3days after her 17th birthday

3boys and 5 more girls later 

We now have children of our own 

to pass on the lessons of our mother 

She’s  proud that we’re happy 

And healthy 

We all talk to eachother 

We all depend on eachother 

Dads clean now 

more able to help out 

My Mother is the reason 

we all made it

9 kids raised in over 15 apartments

We often were in ghetto

But not one of us ever got lost 

To drugs

To abuse

To addition 

Or anything we remain whole cuz shes keeps us together

No matter how far away life takes us

she always helps us pick 

the right way to go

Never tries to clip our wings 

wants us to explore the world 

But always there to lead us home

This poem has been inside of me since I was a little girl

I’ve  been searched for 

the words to show

The greatful admiration 

respect and love I have for her