Afraid to Fly

Written by Destiny Bergeron My hearts afraid of heightsSo I seldomly tryTo reach for the skyIdk whyyou make me want to flyI cannot keep my feet on the groundWhere I feel so safe and soundYou make me move differentlyWith certainty and purposeEverything happens for a reasonAnd I don’t know what ours isbut I know it’sContinue reading “Afraid to Fly”

The First Page

Written by Destiny Bergeron Hi, Im Destiny this is your first day Let’s open to the first page hope you’re up for all that’s coming your way just know you won’t go to waist every line will be used every margin will have doodles in it being my notebook is no easy gig you wereContinue reading “The First Page”

Rhyme and Reason

Written by Destiny Bergeron The one rhyme  I could never find The only words to escape the confines  Of my lil blue lines Is the one that gives  reason to my rhymes  I can recite poems I wrote  Before I knew who I was  or how to love Before my heart ever broke Before IContinue reading “Rhyme and Reason”

The Hunt

Written by Destiny Bergeron Know I don’t scare easily You’re a savage you feast but I see the beauty in the beast Despite those you have lost the fight Beneath your sheets I’m not weak You take what you plz Leave them in pieces For hearts you are a feind You think I’m like theContinue reading “The Hunt”