Natural Beauty

Finding the words for her Is torture Nothing ever comes close My best comparison is Standing at the summit of a mountain  Looking out into the beauty  Of the wilderness  for a moment you get a notion  Of Just how small you are  How your happiness  is the last thing  this universe should  care aboutContinue reading “Natural Beauty”

Afraid to Fly

Written by Destiny Bergeron My hearts afraid of heightsSo I seldomly tryTo reach for the skyIdk whyyou make me want to flyI cannot keep my feet on the groundWhere I feel so safe and soundYou make me move differentlyWith certainty and purposeEverything happens for a reasonAnd I don’t know what ours isbut I know it’sContinue reading “Afraid to Fly”

Shakespeare and Newton

How is it We always come back to this… As if our love was written To Shakespearean script Forbidden and stupid Starcrossed and twisted Existing only in friction We are a mess of affection And affliction Magnetic only because Of our opposite energies Our elements react unpredictability Exposing our chemistry Only for us to alwaysContinue reading “Shakespeare and Newton”

Common Ground

Written by Destiny Bergeron Fall hard Fall apart Fall back Fall down Fall through Fall on Fall face first Fall to sleep Fall to your knees Fall under Fall to pieces  Fall in love Falling is the only thing we can’t stopThe one thing we all have in common

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising According to the law of physics The hotter it gets the more pressure is created Are we strong enough to resist Exploding or  imploding Like so many failed attempts before Do we have the variables needed And the patience to figure out the equation Love isn’t a science I’m starting toContinue reading “Boyle’s Law”

Fall Apart

Written by Destiny Bergeron lost in a lovers leap fell hard but it was sweet. now I stand broken at your feet. wondering if you’ve seen me? or did I fail you like I did me? this isn’t who I want to be we tried and failed miserably. so I’m gonna gather up what’s leftContinue reading “Fall Apart”