Written By Destiny Bergeron As the sun rises i say goodnight My restless mind Stirs my pen Bewitched by the night The sun taunting me As it peeks through The treeline My eyes watery and puffy But my mind just keeps Rambling I look at the words That wouldn’t be legdibale If I wasn’t theContinue reading “Monet”


Written by dlb Have you ever been broken- And afraid everyone can see ? Screaming into the dark~ That ravished your world. Till your screams turn to cries~ And you’re reduced to your knees. That’s where I was~ when she found me. And she wonders why~ I wonder ….what she sees in me~ I guessContinue reading “Before”

Anxiety (Am I At Sea)

Written by Destiny Bergeron Three fifty threeMy thoughts are as loud as can beCrashing against my chestIt gets A Lil hard to breatheNot shaking but ShakeyLike there’s an oceanInside of meAnd my reality Isjust floating On surfaceHelpless to the currentSo I just go with itGrab my penAnd write till I can’t seeTill my words areContinue reading “Anxiety (Am I At Sea)”

Nightmares of a Poet

Written by Destiny Bergeron I’m sunbathing on the beach Suddenly!!! The world start crumbling under my feet In the distance I can see I start to see the will of humanity getting washed out by the sea Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry the horizon seems to to rise Or is it a tsunamiContinue reading “Nightmares of a Poet”