Nightmares of a Poet

Written by Destiny Bergeron I’m sunbathing on the beach Suddenly!!! The world start crumbling under my feet I start to see the will of humanity getting washed out by the sea Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry In the distance I can see the horizon seems to be rising Or is it a tsunamiContinue reading “Nightmares of a Poet”

The lonely Poems

I use to have boxes of poems That meant the world to me Every night I’d fall asleep With my notebook next to me Throughout my teens My poetry was a safe place to be The older I got the less I wrote Working and paying bills took over my poems would be forgotten InContinue reading “The lonely Poems”


Written by dlb Have you ever been broken- And afraid everyone can see ? Screaming into the dark~ That ravished your world. Till your screams turn to cries~ And you’re reduced to your knees. That’s where I was~ when she found me. And she wonders why~ I wonder ….what she sees in me~ I guessContinue reading “Before”


Written by Destiny Bergeron We are powerful beingsThe energy inside one person Is said to be equivalent to a small nuclear explosion Only difference is we let it go gradually Instead of all at once I believe this is a beautiful thing We choose to explore at random moments in various fashions of love That leadsContinue reading “Chosen”