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Don’t even, you’re absolutely  Out of your mind  Poking around my life as if You didn’t destroy it Admiring my resilient ways How I  picked up my broken pieces  And put them back together again Better than you ever imagined  I told you that you are banished You can only admire my existence  From a […]

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She climbed the walls of my heart  Called out the one in charge And Demanded the love you deserve  All my walls no matter how high or strong   couldn't stop her  I have been conquered  Now shes my queen And my life belongs to her She guards my heart  like it's worth  All the… Continue reading Conquered 

falling in love, flirt, life, love, love write live, Poetry, Rhymes, scribbles of myself

Sound Ground

This is my territory  Don't doubt me  Actually it's ok  I'll just unexpectedly  Love you with honesty   And respect you unconditionally Trust me and you will see Your trust is all I need Your fears are fictional This is only  the first chapter to our story No matter what has the past holds  We found… Continue reading Sound Ground