Before — May 14, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron 

Have you ever been broken-

And afraid everyone can see ?

Screaming into the dark~

That ravished your world.

Till your screams turn to cries~

And you’re reduced to your knees.

That’s where I was~

when she found me.

And she wonders why~

I wonder ….what she sees in me~

I guess it was necessity ~

Honestly we had no reason~

To give eachother so much trust.

Fell in love in not even a month~

When I look back on us~

I see the universe work.

In the most profound way.

Crashed us tohether~

Right before~

the darkness~

took us forever~

As if the Universe knew

We’d survive

tearing eachother apart

That our hearts would reform

stronger than they were before

Insight…. I use to think of her as the one that got away

Now I know our purpose was greater~

I’m stronger

Skewed Views — May 12, 2018

Skewed Views

The Daily Post writing prompt

Written by Destiny Bergeron

My pride is skewed~

Aren’t we the ones who~

Founded freedom?

The news feeds me

half truths & full lies…

Skewed by thier corporate doners contributions…

War mongroling bobble head puppets…

That forget~ The reason

they became journalist!!!!!

Thier existance Skewed into the establishment way of thinking ~

By the increased increments in thier paychecks

Thier repoting is

Skewed more & more

By greed than truths

Insight…..Don’t fallow the

WAR DRUM….. sorry to get political skewed…. just makes me think of mainstream media

Stirring The Pot —

Stirring The Pot

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I’m lost in my thought~

You ought not be that hot~

caught up in all you got…

Call it what you want~

Just plz don’t stop!!!

I’m starting to plot~

More things I should not

The heat you’re giving off~

Has got me all distraught~

I’m about to raise the pot….

Try to keep your shirt on…..

Or maybe not~

Ok now I’ll stop~


I wrote this because…Flirting is fun….

Forrest Gumping — May 11, 2018

Forrest Gumping

Give me chance to catchup

My heart is pounding

My legs are cramping

My breath is non -existent

I just need a second

That I’m not running

One moment when the world isn’t passing me by

A lapse in time

To stop the spinning of my mind

A break in the relentless pace of life

Feels like, if I stop,

I might fall flat

on my face this time

So I’m gonna try

my hardest to keep stride

Forrest Gump my way thru life

Overspill — May 9, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron

Flow is prolific my proverbials

Flooding my existance

Spilling over this paper

Till it’s saturated in the

Words of my mind heart and soul

Lines crumpled together

over flowing into the corners

Carroting out on eachother

A labyrinth of words

Only my pen knows where to go

Lost in my notebook i just fallow it wherever it goes

when the flow

Changes the walls rearrange

Bringing me different places

Like a seamstress this pen

Knows every stitch

I’d be lost without it

Written by Destiny Bergeron

——Worded Warrior

Cautious with my thoughts often
Every changing like the rules of engagement
holding my sorrows
Shedding my tomorrows
Like a beast in the summer
I am a war torn soldier
Stationed on the front lines
of good and evil
With my pen as my sword
I pick them apart word by word
Verbs use to destroy
whoever comes forth
Metaphors like arrows
fly high over your head
than rip through your flesh
till you have nothing left
Im a savage by habit
Constant forward motion
Like im in locomotion
So approach like your life
Is sacred
you are only an enemy
If you choose to be
These lil blue lines are my territory

Written by Destiny Bergeron

——-Ghost Writer———–

Find me at anytime

Face down in these lil blue lines

Pen laying at my finger tips

Looking like i just committed

suicide with it

My insides spatter on the page

Left to decay

I’m in a catatonic state

My unconscious

takes control of the pen

I step out of my existence

to read over the shoulder

Of my dreamcatcher

Inching closer

Just as the words become legible

She turns and looks at me

Soon as our eyes meet

I jolt awake

Tinglelies all over me

It was just a trippy reoccurring dream

Never do I get to read

the words of my dreams

Seeds We Sow — May 8, 2018

Seeds We Sow

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Chop me down

Leave me to rot

My rings tell the story

Did I not grow the way you invisoned

Was my birch not white enough

Was my shade not cool

You just had to

chop me to bits just so you

could spread my pieces

You think I’m defeated

You forget, I’m the child of nature

Lived on this land long before man

Our resilience comes from eons

Of evolving into

Self reliant,prolific,immortal giants

That will continue their lives

Long after man is gone

Change of Heart —

Change of Heart

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I swear you linger

Like winter ice

Freezing to the edges of my mind

Hardening the ground of heart

Cooling my bood

So I can adapt to living

without your touch

I know not to try to fallow you

Chasing the sun is impossible

So I have to let you go

Have faith that your seasons will change

And bring you back to me someday

Force 2 Soapbox — May 7, 2018

Force 2 Soapbox

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I’m gonna step away

From the path of my pen

Something has me on my soapbox again

So-called news lobbying

For the military industrial complex

Sound the horn and the war drummers start playing

Understand this .

our military reasons are never humanitarian

They are monetary

Every war in our lifetime

Was a lie

It’s just to make the right people more rich

If we cared about the world

Our government would

Stop selling bombs to countries

Oppress thier people

Even if they discount our oil

I’m done with the

Constant narrative

That we’re some kind of disciplinarian

And not the tirants, that we sell our bombs to

Our holy than thou antics

Are Grossly American

Insight…. Don’t follow the War drum

Hypnotized —


Find a rhyme

twist it with some heart

And a poem may come to life

Add wonder and character

And a story may form

I don’t know how

that’s just the way

My pen works

My words must flow

Where I never know

But my pen has never

Let me down before

When my heart is broke

my pen can skip the same poem

over and over again

Like it’s hypnotized or something

This site is my pen breaking the spell

And writing on its’ own again

Our Matriarch  — May 6, 2018

Our Matriarch 

Written by Destiny Bergeron

I look back and I am awestricken

The absolute endearment

In raising 9 children

she held it with pride

My Mother is the strongest

person I know

She held us all together

And she did alone

Dad cared but wasn’t always there

Addicted to heroin

He tried his best

But she never put anything before us

Raising 9 children

she wasn’t perfect

I don’t think I know someone who could of done it better

My words stumble

when it comes to her

Cuz she has helped build

every piece of me

I’m almost identical to her

From my eyes

To my nose my knees

Even the way my pinky toe turns inward

I also was lucky enough to inherit

Her fierce lioness approach to protecting her family

A switch that makes me stick up for someone that gets bullied

She taught me that blood was thicker than water and no matter how bad you messed up

you can always come home

Her morals and lessons

carved the person I am

But fee like I’m missing so much

Cuz She’s has done so much

She’s the mother of 9

Got pregnant at 16

Had my oldest sister Dec 28

3days after her 17th birthday

3boys and 6 more girls later

We now have children of our own

to pass on the lessons of our mother

She’s proud that we’re happy

And healthy

We all talk to eachother

We all depend on eachother

Dads clean now

more able to help out

My Mother is the reason

we all made it

9 kids raised in over 15 apartments

We were often were in ghetto

But not one of us ever got lost

To drugs

To abuse

To addition

Or anything we remain whole cuz shes keeps us together

No matter how far away life takes us

she always helps us pick

the right way to go

Never tries to clip our wings

wants us to explore the world

But always there to lead us home

This poem has been inside of me since I was a little girl

I’ve been searched for

the words to show

The greatful admiration

respect and love I have for her


Happy Mothers Day!!!!!