Peace of Winter 

Written by Destiny Bergeron The day comes earlier Birds fill the air A chill is hanging on To the back of the wind As winter tries to linger You see it’s defeat as the Ground thaws beneath my feet The need for mittens and hot chocolate deplete As the sun steams whats left of winterContinue reading “Peace of Winter “

Dad’s Rock~n~ Roll

Written by Destiny Bergeron One of my earliest memories Sitting indian style wide-eyed Looking up at my Dad with a six-string propped Across his knee He’d always tell me shhh Listen to the words, this song tells a story As he strummed the melody I got lost in the tales he told me Even beforeContinue reading “Dad’s Rock~n~ Roll”

Shakespeare and Newton

How is it We always come back to this… As if our love was written To Shakespearean script Forbidden and stupid Starcrossed and twisted Existing only in friction We are a mess of affection And affliction Magnetic only because Of our opposite energies Our elements react unpredictabily Exposing our chemistry Only for us to alwaysContinue reading “Shakespeare and Newton”

Writers Cry

Written by Destiny Bergeron  Hold your pen up high Cast aside the weary minds Look to the sky And repeat after I These are my words own The creative energy that lives in me This pen is my compass This page is my journey The lines always lead back to me But stretch as farContinue reading “Writers Cry”


Written by Destiny Bergeron It’s part of me As critical as an artery The need is involuntary What it pumps out Gives me this relief Makes all the things Building up in my life, pushing me back, Or holding me down My pen gatherers and stores The pain Then like rain it falls down OntoContinue reading “Climate”

Read With Caution

Written by Destiny Bergeron  She picks up my notebook~ And opens to an unknown page in my heart~ looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~ which one is about me? I just laugh, shake my head  and say~ which one isn’t~ her eyes get really big~ as she fans through 350 pages~ sheContinue reading “Read With Caution”


Written by Destiny Bergeron Grinding graphitecrushing under The pressureLeaving my impressionFor all time Fossilized on these lines Are the moments I stole from life I hide them away in this notebook The one’s I wanna remember And some I can’t forget The forevers and never agains Archived in rhyme The ages Piled on top ofContinue reading “Exposure”

Writers Prelude

Written by Destiny Bergeron These words are my own Their origins are my mind heart and soul Inspired by life my mind fills with lines, Searches for words that might unite mankind my heart beats the rythem of my love it decides who I trust and how much they are aloud to see My soulContinue reading “Writers Prelude”

Boyle’s Law

The temperature is rising According to the law of physics The hotter it gets the more pressure is created Are we strong enough to resist Exploding or  imploding Like so many failed attempts before Do we have the variables needed And the patience to figure out the equation Love isn’t a science I’m starting toContinue reading “Boyle’s Law”

My lil blue lines

Written by Destiny Bergeron I can’t say its somethingI had to master or practice The ability to control wordscontort and twist them to my flowhas always been my special power Some would call it a giftAlthough I don’t recall receiving itI say it’s my hideaway I’ve been inside these lil blue lines So many timesContinue reading “My lil blue lines”