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Don’t even, you’re absolutely  Out of your mind  Poking around my life as if You didn’t destroy it Admiring my resilient ways How I  picked up my broken pieces  And put them back together again Better than you ever imagined  I told you that you are banished You can only admire my existence  From a […]

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Nightmares of a Poet 

I'm sunbathing on the beach  The world crumbles under my feet I start to see the will of humanity    get washed out by the sea Tides pounding the cries of our ancestry   On my beach, the horizon is all I see Or is it a tsunami  cuz, it seems to be  taking over… Continue reading Nightmares of a Poet 

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Maybe Crazy

Maybe it's  just not meant to be Maybe it's  not you, it's me Maybe I wanna be free Maybe you're sick of me Maybe we aren't what we use to be Maybe its just my insecurities  Maybe I'm crazy Maybe you still feel the same for me Maybe you're just as scared as me Maybe… Continue reading Maybe Crazy

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Change of Heart 

I swear you linger Like winter ice Freezing to the edges of my mind Hardening the ground of heart Cooling my bood So I can adapt to living without your touch I know not to try to fallow you Chasing the sun is impossible So I have to let you go Have faith that youre… Continue reading Change of Heart 

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You should  approach with cation The dangers of underestimating me are always watching The monsters I  contain Deep with in the pages  of my soul are nightmarish  creatures I made from the pieces of the those I have conquered These beast in me feed on the enemies of their queen with a glutinous appetite they… Continue reading Beastly 

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Together 4Yemen

Its beyond wrong How many have to suffer For some to profit from The distribution of bombs An age old religious war That has no purpose to us westerners Except of course the profits of war 90 thousand airstrikes Famon across 99%of the population People with no government to protect them having the the richest… Continue reading Together 4Yemen