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Fixed — March 4, 2018


Written by Destiny Bergeron 

Rearrange my gravity

With the weight of your heart

Fixed in your orbit
You have wobbled my axis
And raised my climate

Disturbed my existence
With your astonishing presence
I’m Ieft with no defense
helpless to resist

My tides roll according
to your pull
My days are numbered by,
how times you light up my life
My Reason, what I want to discover and everthing I’ve ever known

Like the ancients followed and stars worshipped the stars                 I fallow her

The Hunt — March 3, 2018

The Hunt

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Know I don’t scare easily

Your a savage you feast

but I see the beauty in the beast

Despite those you have lost the fight

Beneath your sheets

I’m not weak

You take what you plz

Leave them in pieces

For hearts you are a fein

You think I’m like the rest

I’ll be begging on my knees

Well do what you please

I’m stronger than you think

I enjoy the hunt

You think I’m the prey

You dont realise how far I can run

You’ll be be hunting this heart forever

And that’s just what I want

Anomaly of Hearts — February 27, 2018

Anomaly of Hearts

Written by Destiny Bergeron

It’s beyond words

No metaphor

Or adverbs

No sentence exist

If you said you found one

You’d be lying

I got piles of poems trying

But there’s no defining

My pen feel helpless

And my heart is disappointed

With its every attempt

Fact is we don’t make since

But maybe the anomaly is

what keeps going

makes us defy

The physics that say

we’ll never make it

Lost Nights — February 10, 2018

Lost Nights

The look in her eyes

Says its gonna be a long night

I’m where she turns

when she doesn’t  wanna remember

As long as I hold her

She’s just mine

And im just hers

Nothing else matters

Without any words

We comfort eachers souls

She knows I’d never let go

till she tells me so

In the morning I loosen my grip

She tries to explain how

she got lost and ened up

on my door step again

I don’t let her finish and

just kiss her beautiful lips

I know what this is

Dont think your hurting anyone

We’re friends that get lost sometimes

I think its beautiful

we find eachother time after time

We know its not right

But life is not always black and white

So don’t apologiz for

giving me your night

I dont mind being where you go when you’re lost

I’ll be here to light up your night

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Stirring The Pot — February 9, 2018

Stirring The Pot

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I  I’m lost in my thought

You ought not be that hot

caught up in all  you got

Call it what you want

Just plz don’t stop

I’m starting to plot

More things I should not

The heat you’re giving  off

Has got me all distraught

I’m about to raise the pot

Try to keep your shirt on

Or maybe not

Ok now I’ll stop


I wrote this because…Flirting is fun….





Fear of Heights — February 6, 2018

Fear of Heights

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I dont wanna hear bout tomorrow,

Don’t want your promises and forevers,

Keep your dreams,

and some day maybes,

Save me all the ways

you can save me,

All the possibilities of you and me,

are much more intriguing,

as a mystery,

I don’t need

your words to prove anything

Just treat me like a princesses,

Don’t take me for granted,

Or build me up so high all

so I can do is,

leave you disappointed,

I don’t  wanna fall!!!

l wanna be!!!! in love

Does that make since to anyone?


Lovers Table —

Lovers Table

Written by Destiny Bergeron 

I know you’re real

so I’d  better know how to deal

You got quite the hand

I could fold right now

Let you take

what I chose to anti-in

Or I could have a chance

If the river holds

what I’m looking for

You want me to go all in

My chips aren’t much

but I worked hard for them

Lost too much before

so I know

Never leave the table broke

So I check baby

it’s your call

Raise the pot

only if you really want

Im betting on the flop

Hoping you won’t

take my chips and run


Tinder — May 22, 2017


screenshot_2017-02-20-01-12-23.pngI’m not use to letting go

Usually the one,                             Running  for the door

But you got me moving closer

You’re confidence contagious

You’re kiss is electric

Can’t help it if

You get me going

another moment would be too long

I’m done trying to be strong

You make feel like I belong

So right it can’t be wrong.                   It can only hurt as hard as I fall

Conquered  — May 19, 2017


You climbed the walls of my heart

Called out the one in charge

And Demanded the love you deserve

All my walls no matter

how high or strong

couldn’t stop her

I have been conquered

Now shes my queen

And my life belongs to her

She guards my heart

like it’s worth

All the gold in the world

And helps me build the life

I  always wished for

My smile is her sunshine

So when it rains

she helps wipe

the tears from my eyes

When it storms

she braced my shores

and makes sure

I have all I need to keep warm

Which is  her by my side and nothing more


Compasity  — May 15, 2017


You peel back my skin 

with laser  precision  

I didn’t feel a thing

Till you could  see inside me

Like a bypass you

Rewired my hearts performance 

Made my blood flow more freely 

And parts of me started to show pink again

I started to regain feeling

In places that where numb

Now its been along time 

since my heart’s malfunctioned 

So Doctor I just have a couple of questions 

Got anymore magic tricks ?

Can you pinch me?

 so I know you’re not a dream

it just can’t be this easy 

to love love somebody

Trust is involentary 

The way you up my beat 

 With just a touch 

  how did you see me like a E.K.G

Now my heart beats

 like an Olympic athlete

I didn’t know my heart could

 work at this compasity