Written By Destiny Bergeron Fingers pointing in every direction No one is allowed a different perspective All this division Is becoming consuming We’re passionate beings But that’s not what makes us human Our compassion is, This We sometimes forget When our passion is questioned It ignites our pride We lose sight of what’s right ChooseContinue reading “Onesided”

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron Cautious with my thoughts often Every changing like the rules of engagement holding my sorrows Shedding my tomorrows Like a beast in the summer I am a war torn soldier Stationed on the front lines of good and evil With my pen as my sword I pick them apart word byContinue reading “Worded Warrior”

Light of Ours

Written by Destiny Bergeron Truth, is to life as light is to life We would be lost without it Clinging to the darkness Puppets without purpose Holding on to false prophets We have forgotten this Forsaken our independence Hold these truths to be self-evident We are not puppets We are not terrorist We are notContinue reading “Light of Ours”