Weekend Warriors

We are called to the linespatulas raised highaprons tied tightaces in there placeslet’s do this rightorder in order upone ticket at a timedining room fullof patrons trying to gettheir grub onit’s the weekendand we are the weekend warriorsthe hungry we will serve Insight. Dedicated to my fellow restaurant workers

Common Ground

Written by Destiny Bergeron Fall hard Fall apart Fall back Fall down Fall through Fall on Fall face first Fall to sleep Fall to your knees Fall under Fall to pieces  Fall in love Falling is the only thing we can’t stopThe one thing we all have in common

Falling Pieces

Written by Destiny Bergeron I gotta give my pen props Hasn’t jotted your name In a couple of days It holds a lot in And when It remembers you It doesn’t forget Your not here for a reason I think of you as A lesson learned A battle won, cuz, You had no reason toContinue reading “Falling Pieces”

Overspill. 3 of my favorite poems

Written by Destiny Bergeron Flow is prolific my proverbials Flooding my existance Spilling over this paper Till it’s saturated in the words of my mind heart and soul Lines crumpled together over flowing into the corners Carrot-ing out on each other A labyrinth of words Only my pen knows where to go Lost in myContinue reading “Overspill. 3 of my favorite poems”


The sound is heard first As you get closer You feel this trembling Through your toes Ominous yet beautiful Like the clouds of storm Shocked to life by the cold Roaring full of winters leftovers Reclaiming ground that we stole Ripping it from the shores Grabbing anything that gets close Stampeding towards horizon With theContinue reading “Roaring”


Written by Destiny Bergeron It’s part of me As critical as an artery The need is involuntary What it pumps out Gives me this relief Makes all the things Building up in my life, pushing me back, Or holding me down My pen gatherers and stores The pain Then like rain it falls down OntoContinue reading “Climate”

Read With Caution

Written by Destiny Bergeron  She picks up my notebook~ And opens to an unknown page in my heart~ looks up with those magnetic brown eyes and ask~ which one is about me? I just laugh, shake my head  and say~ which one isn’t~ her eyes get really big~ as she fans through 350 pages~ sheContinue reading “Read With Caution”


Written by Destiny Bergeron The thought of being next to you~ Terrifies me~Your presence is~ life altering~ Planet x-ish~ I sometimes~ Think you’re a myth~ I tell myself to make since~ can’t deny the evidence~ How you wobble my axis~ I find pieces of you~ scattered in my existence~ As distant as the stars~ ButContinue reading “Theia”


Feels like I’m chasing time Or maybe it’s racing me Is it my friend or an enemy Do fight or defend Is it a game I can win Or am I pissing in the wind Do I have a hand to play with or is the deck stacked against me Rhetorical head spinning Chicken orContinue reading “Rhetorical”