Change of Heart

Written by Destiny Bergeron  I swear you linger~ Like winter ice~ Freezing to the edges of my mind~ Hardening the ground of my soul~ Cooling my blood~ So I can adapt to living~ without your touch~ I know not to try to fallow you~ Chasing the sun is impossible~ So I have to let youContinue reading “Change of Heart”


Written by Destiny Bergeron They say in the early stages The Earth was a fireball of lava.Spinning 200x faster Completely inhabitable Until a dwarf planet Named Thia Smashed into the top of the Earth The impact almost stopped the planet We would have turned to stone But Earth survived Becoming stronger With every meteor strikeContinue reading “Survive”

Shakespeare and Newton

How is it We always come back to this… As if our love was written To Shakespearean script Forbidden and stupid Starcrossed and twisted Existing only in friction We are a mess of affection And affliction Magnetic only because Of our opposite energies Our elements react unpredictability Exposing our chemistry Only for us to alwaysContinue reading “Shakespeare and Newton”

Star Crossed

   Written by Destiny Bergeron Star Crossed ~looking up at the night sky wondering~ ~if you sometimes Wonder about me~     ~Our lives might as well be As distant as those stars twinkling~ ~Shakespearian and hopeless~ ~The nights soft wind~ ~Is the closest thing to your sent~ ~If a fallen star can grant a wish~ ~ThanContinue reading “Star Crossed”

Rise and Shine

Morning sun having fun with the horizon Stars still shine at he top of sky, while the clouds get set on fire The trees look black standing in each other shadows Making the sun seem even brighter As they border the universe’s artwork Some days the clouds are too thick and might you forget, justContinue reading “Rise and Shine”


I have to thank the WordPress community for giving my poetry a safe home. Recently went through a writing drout. I didn’t know why my Pen went dry, till I started reading my old poems. One written in the 9th grade almost brought me to my knees…. I reached for my Pen instead Return WrittenContinue reading “Return”


Written by Destiny Bergeron Have you seen it?I swear! it was just right here… It’s just words, in nicely arranged sentences but it’s mine… I wrote a couple of lines Then was rudely interrupted by life Now I can’t remember a single word, not one rhyme I searched under my mattress And in all my pockets I swearContinue reading “Whereabouts”

Worded Warrior

Written by Destiny Bergeron Cautious with my thoughts often Every changing like the rules of engagement holding my sorrows Shedding my tomorrows Like a beast in the summer I am a war torn soldier Stationed on the front lines of good and evil With my pen as my sword I pick them apart word byContinue reading “Worded Warrior”

My Rocks 2

I started working with stones I used to have boxes and boxes of poems Now I have boxes and boxes of rocks Just like writing I have so many ideas The way I can shape and blend them together All the different beautiful things I could make only poetry has given me this feeling beforeContinue reading “My Rocks 2”


Don’t tell my other poems…this one is my favorite Written by Destiny Bergeron We are powerful beings The energy inside one person Is said to be equivalent to a small nuclear explosion Only difference is we let it go gradually Instead of all at once I believe this is a beautiful thing We choose toContinue reading ”                Chosen”