I didn’t know why my Pen went dry, till I started reading my old poems. One written in the 9th grade almost brought me to my knees…. I reached for my Pen instead

I have to thank the WordPress community for giving my poetry a safe home. Recently went through a writing drought.


Written by Destiny Bergeron

In my absence

My heart grew fonder

Like they said it would

My pen develop dust

But it never dulled

It just

 waited in silence 

As I morned the loss of a good friend

Knowing there are no words 

to bring them back again

Didn’t stop me from from trying

Everytime my pen touch the page

I thought of him

Repeating the same 

half written rhymes

 till I just couldn’t write

       “Pain is a thing that lessons over time

       And as the pages of life fly by

       We learn wrong from right

       And how to say goodbye”

I wrote those lines in the nineth grade

Fourteen years old..

You were my friend longer

 than I was alive at time 

What did I know about goodbye?

 Those words written long ago

Were so true they hurt

That pain was me letting go

 without out even thinking about it 

I reached for my pen

Step out of the darkness

Into the brightness of a blank page

The light reveals my battle scars

 across my heart

I wear them like a badge of honor

With my pen as my sword

I am never alone

 these words are my home

The Worded Warrior has returned


Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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