Written by Destiny Bergeron

They say in the early stages

The Earth was a fireball of lava.
Spinning 200x faster

Completely inhabitable

Until a dwarf planet Named Thia

Smashed into the top of the Earth

The impact almost stopped the planet

We would have turned to stone

But Earth survived

Becoming stronger

With every meteor strike

Absorbing all the ingredients

the solar system had to offer

Creating a universe of life

The first were sponge-like


That thrived on


Now we are intelligent beings

Capable of everything

From love to devastation

We are a blink in the Earths existence

it has experienced

So much more than

we can comprehend

Who knows if we’ll ever get

the chance again

I know I’m not scared for our planet

I’m scared of what happens

When our planet

decides to make it right again

If we’re the problem

Than We have no chance

Our world will come to an end

Life will continue without us

Like it always has before us

We are not the end or the beginning

We are just human

We have to right our wrongs

Before the choice is no longer ours

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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