The lonely Poems

I use to have boxes of poems

That meant the world to me

Every night I’d fall asleep

With my notebook next to me

Throughout my teens

My poetry was a safe place to be

The older I got the less I wrote

Working and paying bills took over

my poems would be forgotten
In the back of my closet
Living most of their lives in darkness

Only writing when life provoked me

Occasionally tearing through them

Trying to find a moment

I wanted to relive

those moments became fewer and fewer

Soon I stopped writing altogether

Of course, it wasn’t until

my heart was broke

I turned to my pen

To mend it back together

When I was whole again

I had a new box for my closet

And life would fill with other things

One day I showed a friend

My boxes of poems and

She said

why are you hiding them

I said I’m not


some of them probably

But I love all of them

You should make a blog

share them on Facebook or something

What if someone steals my poems

She said

I stole some guys poem once

gave to a boy That I like in 8th grade

See nope, they are staying in here

where they are safe

Ok let me share one my blog

I reluctantly agreed

Seeing my poetry set free

Was scary

But it made me happy knowing

They weren’t alone anymore

That night

I made my own WordPress

It brought my Poetry out of the darkness

And gave them a place to live

A couple days ago my phone and

Laptop were stolen

That was nothing compared to

Losing my email and not being able to log in

You know that cliche saying

you don’t Know -what you got till it’s gone

Having a home for my poems

Is priceless

It’s made me enjoy writing again

Thank You WordPress

my poems will never be lonely again

I honestly cannot read this poem without choking up it is truly from the heart

I honestly cannot read this poem without choking up it is truly from the heart

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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