Written By Destiny Bergeron

The distance is vast

But our paths
Are set on an orbit
We crashed together long ago
Almost destroyed each other’s world
Now we’re whole again
Looking up
At the sky wanting more
My heart used to build
Sculptures of your form
Praying for your wamrth to return
The light that finds me now
is pale in comparison
Dull, and lacking
life providing nutrients
Like the moon trying to be sunlight
It’s just not right
I’ve studied the skies
Trying to find
the next time we’ll be aligned
It’s like trying to predict
Witch star will fall tonight

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

5 thoughts on “Darkside

      1. I can definitely relate. Sometimes writing is like that. You can cry buckets while penning the words, yet after all the final product is a true masterpiece and well worth it!

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