Recipe for Victory

Take the pain and sever its head
With your pen
Chop it up into little sections
Then use its blood to write with
Let the regrets pour onto the page
In nicely arranged sentences
My pen drips with rhymes
Looking at the blank page
Stained with remains of the
Battle that wages inside
Raise my pen and they all fall in line
The Worded Warrior has declared war
On the anxiety that has taking over my life
Gather all the ammo you can find
every word every rhyme
Load them into my pen
And without hesitation fire till
The page is burning
till there’s no more regrets no
Pain, just keep writing
till all the Anxiety retreats
into the darkness it came from
And all that is left to the pain
is a poem
The Worded Warrior stands victorious

Insight…Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire


Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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