Excalibur 2

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Stick stones may break bones

But words are just words
They could never hurt me
My pen laughs
at that statement
As I sharpen it’s tip
Against the stones
Life has thrown at me
My accuracy is scary
I barely have to try
The pen just glides
To the next line
So I hope you don’t mind
I’m trying
to keep up with the rhymes
might set this page on fire
running a lil wild
Call it a freestyle
It’s been awhile
Since I had the time
Soon as my pen touches that blue line
The winds will raise
Stirring up the words
The flow pulls them together
Forming a tornado
Ripping the residuals
That cling to my soul
Those heavy thoughts
We can’t let go
Words may not be able to
Break bones
But the pen will always be
Mightier than the sword
That’s why I call mine

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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