Light of Ours

Written by Destiny Bergeron

Truth, is to life
as light is to life

We would be lost without it
Clinging to the darkness

Puppets without purpose
Holding on to false prophets
We have forgotten this
Forsaken our independence
Hold these truths to be self-evident
We are not puppets
We are not terrorist
We are not without purpose

our knowledge will not be taking
Sold to evil intentions
Through technology, we can unite
A light has shined mankind

No matter your race, place, or beliefs

We, all of humanity
has the right to be free

I guess that’s the key.

the light no one sees

We are all the same bein

Living on the same Earth
With the same future.

we will all face together

No matter what Faith

we choose to fallow

Knowledge will always be power

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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