Written by Destiny Bergeron

I see him go blank…

and I know, he’s trying to remember something

Turns and looks at me

Kid, we were living in Springfield

When my Mom died right?

I tell him, Nah Dad

I’m pretty sure we were in Chicopee

“Oh ya that’s right, he exclaims

I was staying with my brother Bobby then

Now I remember

Ya Dad it was then

We had fun then didn’t we kid?

I tell him we sure did !!!

You’d take us to the river like every weekend

let the current take us

then catch us as we came your way

And we’d go hiking off of Pendleton digging forts.

Cooking hotdogs and hamburgers on a fire you taught us to build

The boys always talk about the old rusty gun buried at the top of the path they found

he just smiled, wow Dez can’t believe, you remember all that

Then he’d say the drugs, and the life

I lived for so long

made everything fuzzy and

I can’t make out the moments

I just say, it’s okay

I’ll never forget all the fun we had!!!

He hates that he gave

so much of his life away

to the demons that he chased

And I say you know

There are way too many people

that don’t have a Dad

And unlike most

Your addiction

never took you away from your kids

Now that I’m grown

And I know,

How fortunate all 9 of us are

to have such a good Dad.

But the truth is, You could of died

Doing that shit

I know you’re still fighting it

every day,

It’s the source of so much guilt

and pain.

You hate we remember you that way

But you’re clean now,

for our lil ones

You lived a life full of demons

Most would have lost everything

You never lost the love

of your friends and family

I know there’s so much

I know that you hate

You have so much of your life away

To the demons you chased

But it means more

that your here today

Just know, you’re an amazing Dad

I will always help you remember that

Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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