Written by Destiny Bergeron

The thought of being next to you~

Terrifies me~
Your presence is~

life altering~

Planet x-ish~

I sometimes~

Think you’re a myth~

I tell myself to make since~

can’t deny the evidence~

How you wobble my axis~

I find pieces of you~

scattered in my existence~

As distant as the stars~

But you still pull on my heart~

Sometimes I wonder~

where you are~

then remember how~

you tore me apart~

I grab my heart~

as it recalls the pain~

Adrenaline shoots~

through my veins~

close my eyes~

and see your face~

I shake my head~

and try to forget~

How sweet than sour~

love can get~

~As hearts fall like stars~

~We wish for it all, all over again~

~No matter the distance or~

~insurmountable chances~

~We hang on to the slightest~

~Glimpse of light~

~Like finding life on~

~another planet~

~It’s possible so we keep chasing it


Published by Worded Warrior

just a poet trying to write life right

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