Ninety-Nine To One

We are free
To make them rich
The pursuit of happiness
Is becoming a myth
Our purpose
 forgotten in the fight
 to keep food on the table
Our mothers, daughters,
sons and fathers
Fight wars
Just to insure
The poor stay poor
And the rich get richer
It’s time we realize
We are the backbone
Without (us) U.S.
 none of this is possible
If we just find away
 to stand together
We can tip the scales forever
Ninety-Nine will always be
Greater than One
We’re strong enough to fight
Their wars teach their children
And run their companies
for pennies In comparison
To the billions
I’m not suggesting
We all quit our and
Go camp out
at the Washington Monument
But why not?
The inequality between The People
and who we know as the one percent
Is ruining our way of living
Making us the same tyrants
We’ve defeated
And divided as we’ve ever been
I’ve written these words before
We Are The Authors Of Freedom
It’s time for (us) The U.S.
To step up and be Americans

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