Patriot Of Information 

 He once wrote wrote a manifesto

Asked us as a whole, as Americans  Are we ok with being silenced ?

We no longer have a voice to be heard

Is that what he is suppose to believe The ones that we’re born free 

Relinquish our freedom of speach

After all we have conquered 

In the name of our freedoms

We just give up our right to the truth

Our right to live in privacy

 our right to prosper 

He believed in our rights 

He was brave enough to fight

Against life’s biggest tirants

The Us Government deemed

His machine of a mind a threat to

  their intentions…a terrorist, 

the only thing he terrorized

was the government’s 

oppression knoledge 

Information  created by the people shall remain the peoples

not retained and stored away for profits of some 1percenters pockect

His heart was the only thing that could out weigh his mind

“Information is power”

Some will try to keep it to there own

The patriot of information 

Aaron Swartz’s gave his life 

to protect our rights 

When mankind is truely free

We will remember his manifesto 

Like we do the bible 

his fight will lead us to better tomorrow 

When we Forget religion and monetary systems

Like we forgot Poseidon and Zeus on top  Mt. Olympis

We will remember him