The last lines before 

These eyes close for the  night

My mind even dreams in rhyme

Dreams of words pouring from my life

 sometimes its beautiful 

I  dreams of places unknown 

or something I forgot that

 still holds a spot in my soul 

these dream I will dream 

forever if possible 

But my mind can turn my words 

 they start to form into monsters

That are sent to devoure my words and hunt my flow

Sometimes my rhymes pour until

Im lost in a sea of hopeless words

Empty and lonely

No sight of land as far as I can see 

I wake still feeling the waves

And those monsters 

They lay and Wait 

For me to tire 

And release my pen  

So they can hunt my words again 

Scribble till the lines don’t  makes sense  

Dreams and nightmares can’t have them 

 Not My lines 

not a single rhyme

 not tonight 

This pen will fight till the sun shines 

Chase my nightmares into light