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You peel back my skin 

with laser  precision  

I didn’t feel a thing

Till you could  see inside me

Like a bypass you

Rewired my hearts performance 

Made my blood flow more freely 

And parts of me started to show pink again

I started to regain feeling

In places that where numb

Now its been along time 

since my heart’s malfunctioned 

So Doctor I just have a couple of questions 

Got anymore magic tricks ?

Can you pinch me?

 so I know you’re not a dream

it just can’t be this easy 

to love love somebody

Trust is involentary 

The way you up my beat 

 With just a touch 

  how did you see me like a E.K.G

Now my heart beats

 like an Olympic athlete

I didn’t know my heart could

 work at this compasity 


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