There’s a rhythm to the pain

Comes and goes like waves 

But than it can hit me like a wave

Someone will say your name

And I find the loss of you 

shooting through me again 

Somedays you just linger in the back of my eyes like a migraine  

On these days even the light reminds me of your face

And I can’t act like everythings ok

I surender to the pain

We were so close, but now

You’re gone forever

The love I have for you

 still pours from my heart 

And without you here

I’m drowning it 

The only thing that keeps me going 

Is knowing you would never want to see me like this

So I think of what you’d say right now

Somehow it makes me smile

It’s enough for me to stat moving again

And it makes me believe 

  our live is still living