You’re  gorgeous 

The kinda girl that stops traffic

Difference is you know it

Actually you own it

Like hopscotch and double dutch They all line up

It’s all fun, 

winner gets your attention 

No one gets your love 

bedroom eyes and curvy lines

May catch my eye 

which in return

sparks your mind 

You’re thinking I’m 

the lucky one tonight 

but baby I’m just polite

Your confidence is thin

And I see right through it

I’m not trying to be condescending 

Or shade you shine in anyway

It’s just a game 

I choose not to play

Don’t wanna be the winner 

of your affection for a day

There must be catch if your just giving it away 

So keep playing your games

I’m not asking you to change

Trust there’s tons 

that would love to have fun

 I’m just not one of them