I was taught restrenght 

How not to give it all away 

She wouldn’t have it any other way 

I’m  not weak ask a single person 

That knows me 

They’d tell you I’m a beast 

 She has the ability 

  to tame me 

  but lets me be free

We see the beauty 

in how we don’t need 

eachother to be happy

She can’t resist me when

I’m winning

Loves most when I’m losing 

Gives me her hand for balanced

When I’m tripping 

I don’t what happened 

How life decided we make since

But I’ll search her forever 

to find the answer  

My professor of love, trust, and the heavens 

She contains oceans of knowledge

Chose me to be her captain 

She sees my love for her seas

Knows being lost to her

 makes me happy