Please don’t 

mess up a good thing 

over nothing , 

wtf does facebook 

  have to do with anything

Say I’m  being  cold 

Is  thats why

You see me as shelter ?

I just don’t share,  your traditional gerneric methods of loving someone. 

I don’t, text as soon as I wake up

I dont, update my status

 according to what your posting  

I don’t, change my habbits

My thoughts or my reasons

if you’re looking for someone 

who loves like an automated system 

You the wrong person 

 just let us be you and me 

 without judgments, or 

superficial labels,

Without unlogical obligations 

that we cannot  profill, 

till we’re disappointed and Resentful of the we energy wasted

 on a love that 

never really existed,
Cuz we never could let be

I use to just submit,

 accept an imitation of love 

Now I just dimiss, 

my time is precious 

Just give me, 

 your touch and knowledge

text and relationship statuses  

are not relivant  

if you want my heart 

you gotta come and get it

Theres no link you just click

No inbox you can message 

I do understand your doubt 

How you’d think I’m being shady

Facebook and  instagram 

Has replaced real conversation 

That’s the only reason

I haven’t kicked you out 

Just please shut your mouth

And let me show the kinda love 

 I’m  talking about 

I don’t need more notifications 

Or pics, post or likes

I  just need your affection 

I know love existed long before Facebook was invented  

I don’t let it 

define our relationship  

 I define it by treating you with Respect, trust and making you smile every chance I get