I’m a simpleton 

With some complexities 

Fierce protector of my family 

A savage when I’m forced to be

Known to be a bit too froggy to leap

My heart beats like a stampede  

flow louder than some sour trees  

My mind is my worse enemy 

The only thing  that doubts me

My heart is my greatest fan

Loves the way I’m living

My soul just wants me to be happy 

And helps me dream Without possibilities 

I write what they say

Whoever is louder gets to go on the page

My insides are never in sync 

they are always fighting for my attention 

One saying go see the world

One telling me write more

The other saying work 

I tired to please them all

I’m sorry to the parts of me 

that feel you weren’t heard 

trust I feel you pounding in revolt 

the wieght of the day gets heavier  

And I fall fast asleep 

pen in hand notebook wide open 

A line left unfinished just abandoned 

When I wake, I try to get a trace 

of what my insides were trying to say

But it’s forgotten to a weary mind 

my scibbles in the night

 lost achives of endless rhymes